Multiple clients are now skipping the opt-in and going direct to sale for their info products on Facebook.

These are lower priced products, mostly under $50, for the front-end.

Although we do include a bump in the shopping cart that pushes the price up and upsells after the first purchase to maximize the immediate revenue.

In some cases, clients are earning 3:1 or even better on the first sale.

And that’s without any of the upsells.

Nothing else needed.

You have to love markets like that!

But don’t bet on it for your market.

Beginners often get frustrated when they can’t earn a profit on the first sale. They heard others were doing it? Why can’t they?

That’s why I always like to share that some of my bigger, more profitable clients go negative on every sale. Even with their upsells, they may only earn back 70% of each sale. Invest $100 and get $70 back, but at much higher multipliers.

That seems like a losing game, until you see their backend numbers.

That ‘loss’ on the front-end is a long-term investment in their business. They know how much they earn in the next 30 days…the next year…and years down the line as those customers keep buying from them. The numbers can get crazy!

But both types of clients have something in common.

Their websites convert visitors into sales.

You’re not going to make any direct-to-sale funnel work if you don’t have copy that speaks to the heart of your target audience.

You have to hook them with a story that reveals a problem they want to solve and takes them on a journey to what’s possible for them.

My clients and i go over their landing sales pages multiple times. They might test several different approaches. And we usually make modifications along the way.

If you try this approach, make sure to retarget ads for those who visit and don’t buy, especially those who abandon the shopping cart.

You have a little more leeway when you go to an opt-in page first, because you can follow-up consistently with email.

You get multiple chances to tell the story that resonates with the audience.

But the website landing page is still the key to profits. Often, you’ll even swipe some of your email copy directly from your full sales page.

Facebook ads are just one way to sell your product.

You could use other networks.

You could promote on your own social media pages.

You could give affiliates a share of the profits.

What do all these methods have in common?

You still need a website that converts visitors into sales.

There is so much leverage there.

What happens if you bump sales by just 20%?

It means you could spend 20% more on ads and possibly roll-out to a much larger audience.

Your affiliates may be willing to promote you to larger lists, because they’re earning more from each visitor.

If you can’t persuade visitors to buy what you’re offering, everything you do online is dead in the water.

That’s why the Internet Lifestyle System has a section on turning visitors into sales.

You’ll discover:

  • The Easy 10 Second FIX I’ve used with over HALF of my clients on their first few websites to boost their conversion and profits immediately.
  • How to get yourself mentally and physically in the zone to write order producing copy for your ads, emails, websites, and videos.
  • 5 copywriting formulas used by the World’s Best copywriters and salespeople…and how even a beginner can use them to get started fast.
  • 21 Bullet Formulas proven to create benefit rich and curiosity inducing copy (bullets are the basic building blocks of EVERYTHING you do in online marketing).
  • How to quickly and easily create winning headlines using the FUN and often downright silly “Magical Headline Game.”

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