Facebook ads can be frustrating.

Both their automated and manual Facebook reviewers can drive you crazy.

For example, just a few weeks ago several clients all of a sudden had a bunch of ads rejected for being political or dating related.

There was NOTHING in their ads that was in any way political or dating.

An overenthusiastic automated system was rejecting ads again.

And even worse is when they ban an account without warning or recourse.

Many times you can get the account back if you’re willing to jump through their hoops.

But a client has spoken to a Facebook rep who agreed with him that he did nothing wrong…yet he still couldn’t turn that account back on because a decision was made in another department.

And I have one more big complaint for Facebook.

Ok, I have more complaints than this but I’m only going to list one more here.

Ads burn out way too fast when you’re running them in volume.

You might have an audience of millions, but you’re going to need to create new creatives within 3 to 4 weeks max when you’re spending $1,000/day+.

And the reality is this problem sets in at lower budgets as well.

You should create new ads even more frequently.

You have to constantly feed the Facebook beast.

And we’re not talking small ad changes or just testing images. Some top performing ads are long copy with 500+ words or in-depth video scripts. Imagine putting together multiple sets of these each month…

This is an invisible expense you must also track along with your ad budget.

How much time and money are invested in coming up with new creatives each month?

I wonder if Facebook has driven anyone insane yet?

Having said all that, Facebook ads can be awesome.

Multiple clients love them because they’re bringing in so much money for their businesses.

But experts so rarely give you the full scoop on traffic sources like Facebook.

Every source of traffic…paid, organic, and joint ventures…have positives and negatives to them.

You’ll hear the positive stories.

The gurus selling courses on advertising will make sure to tell you about all the money their making from their chosen king of traffic.

But how often do those same gurus share the frustrations you’ll face with that traffic source?

That’s much more rare.

In the October issue of the Monthly Mentor Club I’m going to share some of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This issue, the “Million Dollar Traffic Blueprint”, will be mailed out to all members on October 1st.

It helps you answer the big question…

What’s the best way to attract addicted BUYERS to your website?

The answer isn’t the same for everyone.

I cover 13 questions to ask about your audience, your assets, your team, and your personality to create a custom traffic blueprint for your online business.

There’s even a bonus spreadsheet with this issue where you can answer the questions and it scores your answers to suggest the best opportunities for you.

Are you earning a maximum return on your investment of time and money in your business?

And of course, all members get access to dozens of special reports and videos immediately to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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