What if one simple shift in your perspective could help you earn more from every email you send?

Here it is…

Stop thinking of yourself as a ‘teacher’ when you write emails.

That’s not the goal.

Email is poor medium for teaching.

Many of your readers are rushing to empty their inbox. They’re scanning your email.

You only have time to highlight one major concept in each email…not get into a detailed step-by-step method.

Instead of seeing yourself as a teacher, think of yourself as a ‘tour guide’.

You’re showing the problem in a new light.

Everyone else thinks the problem is this, but the real root cause of the problem is this instead.

You’re pointing to the solution.

Here’s the less traveled path no one else is talking about.

You’re illustrating what’s possible.

You’re demonstrating a new identity your readers can experience.

It’s about perspective.

We’re surrounded by noise today…from the media, from social media, and from pretend experts.

You’re letting people see new possibilities…a new world they’re not seeing anywhere else.

Some will love you for it.

Others may hate you because it’s a challenge to their world-view.

For example, I have a client who sells courses on learning a foreign language.

His emails talk about the challenges he personally faced trying to get by in a foreign land without speaking the language.

He talks about how the common Spanish textbooks only confusing him and made him more tongue-tied.

Then he talks about some of his simple discoveries and the adventures you can experience once you know the language.

New doors open up.

You can get away from the tourist traps.

You can experience countries the way their meant to be seen.

He’s introducing his email subscribers to a new world they might not have even imagined.

What if you were in the beauty market?

You’d be talking about feeling more attractive.

You’d illustrate confidence in the ‘new you.’

Perhaps you’d bring in some stories of surprising treatment you received from those you just met.

Your message doesn’t have to be in-your-face.

Sometimes it’s subtle stories, but there’s an undercurrent of the new identity you’re showing them.

Have you caught it in my own emails?

I’ve modeled it a little for you here.

I started with a simple perspective shift.

I pointed you to a new potential identity.

And I gave examples that illustrated it.

But I didn’t show step-by-step how to do this…or all the pieces that are going on behind the scenes.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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