Some online entrepreneurs constantly bounce from one emergency to another.

I’m not talking about actual emergencies such as a disaster in your family, losing your merchant account, or your website being down for an extended period (especially during a product launch).

Those might happen at times, and they need to be dealt with asap.

Instead, I’m talking about imaginary emergencies.

For example, I’ve talked to clients before who had a website selling well for several months.

Then a week or even a single day comes where sales are down or perhaps no sales come in.

Immediately the sky is falling!

Their mind falls apart. They start questioning themselves about whether they were just lucky or something. What if no one ever buys from them again?

Obviously, they need to check to make sure everything is working, including their ads, website, and shopping cart.

Sometimes they might be a problem which can be fixed.

But what if there isn’t? What if it’s just a slow period?

It happens.

I have clients in seasonal businesses where there is a whole lot more volume at specific times of the year. For example, weight loss sales may take a nose dive two weeks before Christmas. But they come roaring back and generate 4x the normal month in January.

Spring and summer are more profitable months for hobbies like golf and tennis.

And major holidays can affect sales in most markets (for good or bad).

Long-term clients track sales month-to-month, but we’re most concerned with their year-over-year sales. In other words, we track to see if they’re earning more this April than they did last April.

And of course, there are a multitude of other factors such as when you launch new products, how often you’re sending emails, and how much money you’re putting into advertising. Even when your best customers get paid can influence day-to-day sales.

Don’t freak out and make a bunch of random changes just because you have a few slow days.

I’ve seen entrepreneurs who turned off profitable ad campaigns because they only looked at stats over a few days instead of extending them out over a week or more.

Others overhauled their offer and price…creating a self-fulfilling prophecy where sales completely disappeared.

They make these mistakes because they don’t have a simple plan of action to follow.

You don’t need a massive business plan like you’re trying to get a business loan.

But you need a vision that motivates you. And you need to write down the steps you’re taking this year and this month as you move toward that vision.

This can keep you on track as you look at the bigger picture instead of getting lost in the little day-to-day stuff.

Plus, you need someone to help hold your hand when the going gets tough.

What kinds of numbers should you expect?

Is what you’re going normal or not?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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