Imagine a millionaire came up to you and made you an interesting offer.

He says, “For every $10 bill you hand me, I’ll give you back $20. And I’ll make this trade as often as you want.”

Of course you’d be suspicious. That deal sounds way too good to be true.

But you decide it’s worth a shot. So you hand him $10. Sure enough, he gives you back $20.

Wow…it worked!

You collect all the $10 bills you can get your hands on and hand them to him one at a time…and he keeps giving you back $20 for each of them.

If it worked like this every time, how many $10 bills would you want to hand over?

As many as you could find!

This example is why I talk so much about building an email list, sending out winning emails, converting visitors into sales, and selling more products/services to your audience.

Once you optimize your funnel, it’s just like trading $10 bills for $20 bills.

What if it costs you $10 to generate a customer…if you earn back $20 for every customer who comes through the door?

Those numbers may change. Perhaps it’s $3 per new subscriber, but each new subscriber is worth $8.

Or it costs $100 to generate a customer, and each one is worth $300.

That’s the goal.

Create a funnel that turns visitors into subscribers and customers.

Once you have this in place…then you have a consistent, predictable income available to you.

It’s just like trading $10 bills for $20 bills.

The reason so many people have trouble seeing this is because they’re not tracking.

Rarely does the $10 to $20 trade happen on day one. Instead, it has a time lag of 30 to 90 days.

You advertise and bring in a new subscriber. Your email sequence and offers translate those subscribers into income over the next 30 to 90 days.

But if you’re tracking the numbers…you start seeing the trends.

It becomes a game.

How can you increase your score? Perhaps you pull out an email that doesn’t do as well and replace it with a stronger offer. You test a new upsell instead of the current one.

You reduce your cost of leads coming in. You reduce the amount of time invested in producing new leads. With each new test and improvement, your income grows.

It becomes a game of how many new customers you can buy.

That’s what Internet marketing is all about.

Marlon Sanders recently released the FIRST Internet Marketing Planner BY an Internet marketer exclusively FOR Internet marketers.

It is ALL about this theme. You find your ‘magic number’ which is how much you earning from a new subscriber or customer over the first 30 to 90 days.

And then you follow daily plans to increase that number…and buy more new customers at a discount each day.

It works whether you’re an infopreneur, ecommerce website owner, affiliate, consultant, or coach. Your ‘magic number’ may be different in all these businesses…but the principle of daily action and predictable results remains the same.

Marlon has a special live Jumpstart training coming up on January 11th.

Your time is running out.

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