Today I’m just going to hand you a gift…no strings attached.

I’ve found clients and customers are fascinated by email open rates.

They’re always asking what kind of email open rates they should expect…and how to increase them.

So I went through the last 6 months of my emails, collected all the winners, and put them in exact order of how well they did…starting with the highest.

Here’s the list. You’ll find a lot of trends here if you pay attention. Notice the top 4 ‘big’ winners all have a personal element to them: thank you, ‘my’ prediction, ‘my’ dad, and uncensored opinion (obviously my opinion).

My Prediction For Your 2014
My Dads Lessons For Success
Uncensored Opinion About SEO and Link Building
1 Hour a Day Income Challenge
Email Profits Without Being a Sleazebag
Facebook Marketing for Introverts
Average Earnings of my Subscribers?
Insider Tip for Facebook Ads
5 Minutes a Day for Extra 2014 Income
Weird Wealthy Winners
Emails, Plumbers, and Amazon, Oh my!
Michelangelo Tip for Entrepreneurs
The SECRET to Buying New Customers
5 Ways to Profit From Gmail tabs
How to Escape a Dead-end Job
A $100 gift for you
When Coaching is Worthless
Earn More By Doing Less
#1 Enemy of Entrepreneurs
7 Tips for Online Marketing Beginners
Email Profits in 7 Days or Less
Only Available Till Monday
Internet Success With Bob and Joe (Part 1 of 2)
Turn $7 Sales Into $25,000+ Buyers
Celebrating My Favorite Christmas Gift
#1 Secret to Consistent Monthly Income
Frustrated with online marketing?
1 Question = More Profitable Emails
How to Choose Winning Traffic Sources
Traffic Secret From Bruce Lee
Email Cure for Overwhelm
5 Secrets to Finding a Profitable Niche
Why Internet Marketers Fail
Irresistible Offers to Grow Your Email List

I hope you have all kinds of ideas for new subject lines flowing through your brain.

What kind of open rates should you expect?

There is no hard and fast rule. It depends on the size of your list, your audience, any segmenting you do, age of the list, and whether it’s single/double optin.

For example, I have clients who average above 35% open rates and others averaging below 10%. Both are profitable…again depending on the list.

The only person you can compare with is yourself!

In my own business I have a couple of small lists that have ridiculously high open rates. I could show you one email with 115% open rate but this segmented list had less than 100 subscribers at the time and subscribers opened it multiple times.

One of my largest, fastest growing double optin lists currently averages above 40% for the initial autoresponders, and broadcasts which don’t start until at least 3 months later in the sequence are around 28%.

My lowest open rate is a pitiful 7% for an old single optin list where I haven’t added any new subscribers to it in well over a year.

Besides, open rates really aren’t that important.


They get all the attention, but you can’t deposit ‘open rates’ in the bank.

Sometimes you’re better off going for a LOWER open rate to make more sales.

Strange, I know.

But I’ll explain more in my next post…

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