There are dozens of shopping carts and order processors, but which one is right for you?

Seriously, can choosing the right one be worth a load of extra money to you?

Yes. And choosing the wrong one could be downright dangerous.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out a new system…and it’s looking good.

You can try it out for Free here:

You’re going to see me build a couple of brand new funnels with it in the new year.

It’s currently for digital product sellers only.

I’ve tried a lot of payment solutions and shopping carts over the years.

Here are a few requirements to look for in whatever you use.

#1 – Easy to Use

You shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to set it up. Nor should it require an ‘expert’ just to get started. It’s already easy enough to procrastinate your business.

You don’t need a shopping cart to make your life even more difficult.

#2 – Built-In Upsells

If you’re not doing upsells, you’re limiting your traffic.

Yes, I said traffic. Adding one or two upsells to each product is the easiest way to increase your income per visitor.

As your income per visitor increases, you can afford more traffic and affiliates are happier to promote for you.

#3 – Tracking for Whole Sales Funnel

Track your leads and sales. Track whether people purchase upsells…and what percentage purchase each.

Half your time/money is being wasted. Without tracking, you don’t have a clue which half!

#4 – Lifetime Affiliate Tracking

If a customer buys one product, can you code affiliates to receive commissions on future purchases?

This is a biggie for super-affiliates. Their customer buys Product A. The affiliate can also receive commissions on Product B, C, all down the
line if you choose. It’s a huge incentive for affiliates to promote for you.

Sadly, the main solution I’ve been using for the past few years DOESN’T do this. Zaxaa does.

#5 – Easy Affiliate Tools

How easy is it for affiliates to grab an email, banner, or other tool to promote you?

My current shopping cart does this poorly also. It’s complicated for affiliates to find what they’re looking for.

A benefit in Zaxaa’s system is how easy it is for affiliates to select tools with their affiliate links are already built-in.

#6 – Recurring billing

You’ve got to have a continuity program. Don’t make me tell you again…but I’m sure I will.

With a monthly program, you start each month already ahead instead of having to search for new customers.

Seriously, make sure your system handles recurring billing.

#7 – Coupons

It should be EASY to run specials and discounts on your products and services.

And they should be REAL, limited time discounts programmed for you.

Zaxaa can do all the above, and it’s shaping up to be an awesome new tool in our online arsenal.

Give it a try for Free. They also have a paid version with a ridiculous founder discount right now that adds even more features.

You want to lock-in that price before Welly comes to his senses.

There is one glaring weakness I spotted in the system.

It is specifically designed for digital product sellers.

There isn’t currently a way to collect sales tax.

So if you live in a state or country that requires a sales tax on digital goods, you’ll have to track this separately until they get this feature added.

Also, if you sell physical products becomes a better option for customers to add multiple products at once to the shopping cart along with collecting sales taxes.

It’s weakness is centered around #4 and #5 above without as good of a system for affiliates.

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