“Would You Like Fries With That?”

Who knew how that simple phrase would help build a global empire?

McDonald’s sells nearly 3.3 billion pounds of french fries each year.

It all started with a simple test question decades ago.

A large portion of their customers weren’t buying fries.

By asking the above question, around half of their customers said, “Yes.”

History was made.  French fries and cokes are the high profit items on the menu.

An ‘extra value meal’ isn’t just an extra value for the customer…it’s a driver of McDonald’s profits.

Online, we ask if people want fries with that in our upsell sequence.

What else do your customers want to buy…right now?

What is the next logical step to what you’re selling?

That’s the key question.

The first product should stand on its own. It’s everything you promised it to be, and nothing else is required to get results.

But what is the next logical step in their purchase?

For example, one of my low cost items is an ebook on creating your own infoproducts. The one-time offer is about traffic and building your list.  That’s the next logical step in the sequence.

If you simply sell a ‘better product’ for the same goal, you’ll upset your customers.

That’s a bait-and-switch.

You basically just told them the first product they bought wasn’t any good.

Instead, reafirm their purchase and what a great decision they made. Now offer the next step in the sequence at a DISCOUNT price.

Or offer a done-for-you solution…or personal help to get it done.

This little addition can immediately increase the value of each new buyer coming through the door while better serving their needs.

Depending on your price point, shoot for 30% of buyers to take this first upsell (numbers vary by offer).

What else can you offer?

Adding one upsell is the easiest way to increase your profits today.

Add a 2nd upsell if you have the value to offer.

Just don’t create an “Upsell Hell” where they can’t escape.

I’ve been trapped in order systems where the upsells kept coming…until you were ready to punch the owner in the mouth!

Or another disaster was a product which had a video sales letter for the upsell with no way to get past it UNTIL the video was done.

Don’t hold your customer hostage!

Test your upsells just like anything else.

Which offer produces the most sales? Which one is most profitable?

One of the discoveries I’ve made in tests is to shorten the sales pages of my upsells. The customer already has their credit card out.  They’ve already taken the first step of trust with you.  Give them the next step as clearly and concisely as possible.

Make sure whatever payment solution you’re using is able to track your upsells and the conversion of each.

That’s built into the new digital payment solution I’m now testing…


You can try it out for Free. And don’t miss the outrageous special currently available for a limited time.

It’s specifically designed to be the easiest way to get digital products up and running online.

If you sell physical products, another option I’ve currently used for years is:


Both of these give you easy ways to set-up real limited upsells…and create your own fully trackable upsell path.

Who knows? That new upsell you add to the sequence could be the key that makes your website profitable and allows you to tap into virtually unlimited traffic.

The more profitable your visitors are…the easier it is to get affiliates to promote for you.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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