Research is important.

Surveys are awesome.

Listening to your customers is vital.

Quit guessing about what to offer your customers.

Let them tell you in detail…along with the exact words you need to use.

But sometimes you need to IGNORE your subscribers.

Listening to the wrong people can ruin your business.

For example, you’ve hopefully noticed I’m not too excited about ‘packaged business opportunities.’

Those scammers tell you to just hand over your money…and they’ll do everything for you. No thinking and no work required.

The only person who gets rich in those deals is the salesperson.

Any business requires serious work on your part. You can work smarter instead of harder. You can outsource some of it.

But work is always there…at least in the beginning. If someone tells you otherwise, they’re lying.

Yet, at least a few people from the peanut gallery always tell me how the opportunity they just wasted their money on is different.

At least one will send me their pitch and explain why I should join.

That would be downright funny if it wasn’t so sad!

If you were thin-skinned, these complaints could shut you up.

Stop rocking the boat and no one gets upset.

But if you don’t stand for something, you won’t attract a loyal audience.

You need a message to share.

You ought to have a fire in your bones that says, “Why isn’t anyone else talking about this?

That message is what separates you in a crowded market.

But the moment you stand up out of the crowd, people will take pot shots at you.

When you were just like everyone else, you were easy to ignore.

When you tell the truth, they either love you or hate you for it.

Remember this.

There are always a few complainy-pants in any group.

Run a special offer and someone may complain.

Tell a story and someone won’t like it.

Share your message and someone will unsubscribe.

So what?

Shut up and you’ll never make anyone upset. You’ll also accomplish zero with your life.

Your voice is a magnet.

Attract those who should be your customer.

Repel those who shouldn’t buy from you.

How do you know if someone is giving constructive criticism or advice guaranteed to devastate your business?

The first sign is the attitude that comes with it. When you’re making waves in your market, you’re going to receive some personal attacks. Expect them. Delete them.

The second sign are your own test results.

For example, you put up a video sales letter. You immediately get half a dozen complaints about how your video is too long and nobody is going to watch all that.

But you check your stats and see much higher sales with the new video. Your results just proved the advice wrong.

What people say can be important. 

What they do is more important!

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