I often receive emails with the below question…

I’ve tried EVERYTHING to make a living online. But nothing is working. Why doesn’t anything work for me?”

There are variations to this theme of course, but I’ve heard the question hundreds of times.

Whenever I’ve been intrigued enough to a do little investigation, a pattern emerges.

In many cases ‘everything’ consisted of putting up a half-hearted blog about nothing specific.

They wasted the rest of their time in social media and forums…listening to random strangers who don’t have a clue about what they’re doing online either.

Those who got past this hurdle are easily disqualified by the following questions.

#1 – Have you targeted a passionate audience that’s easy to reach online?

Passionate in this situation means they’re spending their hard-earned money to solve a problem.

If they’ll buy anything that promises them to play the guitar better, that’s a passionate audience.

It’s always about selling to the best target buyer.

If you claim to sell a product everyone needs, you’re now disqualified.

#2 – What value do you give away to get people on your list?

For some reason, those who claim to have ‘done everything’ go out of their way to AVOID the absolute most important element of online success.

Your list equals your long-term business online. No list equals no long-term business.

The value you give away could be a free report, audio, or video. Or it could be a quiz with custom results. Or maybe you give away related prizes weekly at random to subscribers.

Those all give your audience a reason to subscribe.

#3 – What is your 1st irresistible offer?

Getting people on a list is only the first step.

Generating buyers is infinitely better. You are building a list of buyers also, right?

You create buyers by making an irresistible offer to them. All my six and seven figure clients know what their irresistible offer is. They wouldn’t hem or haw…or mention half a dozen products/services. They could answer a specific product or service without delay.

If you’re starting out, you might have to test several offers to find the right one. Once you’ve found it, you consistently lead with it to your visitors and subscribers.

#4 – What else do you offer?

You lead with a high converting offer that turns visitors and subscribers into customers.

But your take-home profits come from the additional offers you make available to your customers.

What do you offer immediately after they purchase? That’s your first upsell.

What else do you offer? What is your high ticket offer? What do you have for continuity?

We could continue on through your funnel.

The purpose of your first offer is simply to acquire a customer.

It’s everything else that creates the profits in your business.

I could continue on with additional questions such as what type of traffic are you currently optimizing, what sets you apart from the competition, and so on…but I’m sure you get the point.

Success isn’t about just taking action.

It’s about following proven methods and strategies to success.

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