Do you make quality decisions?

A quality decision is one that you stand behind…even if circumstances turn against you.

Or are you ready to turn your tail and run the moment it gets hard?

This is important, because it could determine your success or failure online.

I’m supposed to tell you how easy it is to be in internet marketing.

Start up a website and money will fall from the sky. It’s all puppies and rainbows.

But let’s get real.

You will face challenges. You will have opportunities to quit.

And you’re going to face constant distraction and chances to second-guess yourself.

Let me give you a good example.

I’ve helped multiple clients set-up profitable funnels and direct paid traffic to them.

It’s rarely easy.

There’s definitely a systematic process to create a funnel from scratch and get it profitable with paid traffic.

But it rarely works right out of the gate.

Instead there is an optimization process.

Perhaps initially out of the gate you’re earning less than 50% of what you’re spending.

Spending $100 and earning back $50 isn’t too exciting. It’s downright scary!

But then you notice the upsell is only converting 11% of the visitors. You go to work there and get it up to an acceptable level of 25%. Now you’re earning back $70.

Then you examine the keywords you’re using and find some of them don’t have a single conversion. You cut those out and now you’re up to 90% of your ad spend.

You run a test on your primary landing page by adding a new sales video…and you’re at break even.

Beginners get frustrated at break-even.

Smart marketers get so excited they’re beside themselves.

Break-even means you can start ramping up the ads and buying customers for free…adding thousands or tens of thousands of new buyers to their long-term profits.

It’s a total game changer.

While ramping up the traffic, you can continue small tests that boost the frontend profits.

It’s a mistake to jump ship if you’re getting results.

If you start advertising and nothing is happening…then by all means change the strategy immediately.

But if you’re seeing results, first look at each step in the campaign to optimize for even better results.

I can’t fault you or anyone else for making this mistake.

I’ve done it in the past. Projects were doing well, but I dropped them for something more ‘shiny.’

One of my hobbies is working out.

I have a barbell set and squat rack set up on my lanai. I make the same mistake regularly with working out that people make with their online businesses.

Instead of sticking with a program, I get frustrated with a bad day and want to change.

But in that environment I don’t take the advice I give my internet business coaching clients. Instead I end up radically changing programs…until the exact same thing happens.

Starting over with a new program means I’m back at square one.

It’s an endless circle.

It seems just to be human nature.

The grass really does appear greener on the other side.

Don’t suffer an endless circle in your online business.

But the truth is success comes from mastering the fundamentals, improving each step in your funnels, and playing the game until you win.

If you’re ready to win…and you’re willing to do what it takes…then it’s time for you to join my elite group of Internet marketing winner at the Monthly Mentor Club.

I’m not promising it’s going to be easy. It’s probably not. But it is going to be worth it.

The Internet Lifestyle and the freedom that comes from it is worth doing whatever it takes to win.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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