I ran a survey last month.

Nothing complicated.

It had 3 questions:

  • “What is the single biggest problem or challenge you’re facing in your online business?”
  • “Why would it be helpful for you to solve this problem or challenge?”
  • “Which of these course concepts would you be interested in?”

It wasn’t difficult to set-up either. I’ve used dedicated survey tools in the past, but this time I used a free Google form to collect the responses.

The responses were excellent. This time I tested keeping the survey anonymous, so I wasn’t able to respond personally. But I want to thank everyone who participated.

There were several major themes that emerged.

None of them were surprising, because I’ve been helping customers and clients for decades now. And while the tools change, the desires are similar.

But they were still a good reminder of exactly what my audience wants…and the kind of content I will be sharing in my upcoming emails.

The results of the last question were interesting.

There was a clear winner with 58.8% of those who responded check marking this course as one of their choices (multiple courses could be selected).

No, I’m not going to share which course that is here, because I’ll be releasing it early next year.

What was surprising is how 2nd place was a 3-way tie…with 3 more courses really close behind those…so essentially 6 choices all in a dead heat.

That’s good news.

Customers will tell you what they want to buy if you simply ask them.

You could use a survey like I did…or you could make it even easier.

I frequently suggest clients put an “I need your help” email in the first week of their follow-up sequence.

Here’s what an email like that looks like:

Subject: I need your help

I’m making some cool NEW content for you right now.

What is the biggest question you have about online marketing?

Just click reply and let me know.

Thank you,

Replace “online marketing” in that email with your topic.

I love this email, and multiple variations of it, because it gets people to reply.

You get insights on the type of content and offers to make to your list.

At the same time, you can build a connection with your reader by responding back to them. This is especially effective if you have higher ticket offers and can start a dialogue about how you can help them solve this problem.

Don’t rely too much on surveys. There’s more to fully understanding your audience than this.

The best evidence of what customers want to buy is when they whip out their credit card and purchase.

But a survey is a quick way to get some feedback.

There is a special report included with my Golden Glove Persuasion Map™ called “Client X-Ray: How to Tap Into Your Ideal Clients’ EXACT Buying Language and Deep Emotional Triggers.

This report covers the secrets of ‘client telepathy’…how to research your market until you develop empathy and understand their inner-most thoughts and feelings.

You’re able to connect with them on a deeper, more intrinsic level. You see things from their perspective.

Do this right, and you can actually feel the emotions the other person is experiencing.

It’s the first step to creating a message that sells.

Find out more here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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