List building was mentioned multiple times in my survey last month.

  • Qualified list building
  • Building a list
  • Getting high quality leads, not freebie-seekers or tire-kickers

There were a whole lot more responses like this.

And many of them pinpointed a major issue.

You don’t just want a list.

You want a qualified list of high-quality buyers.

The first step of doing this is identifying your ideal client in detail…the better you can describe them…the easier it will be to identify how to reach them.

Hint: Sometimes it’s easier to get started by first identifying who you don’t want as your client.

But that’s a topic for another time.

I like to break traffic and list building strategies into 3 categories:

  • Organic
  • Paid
  • Joint Venture

Clients and I successfully use all 3 to grow lists and sell products.

Paid traffic is the best for scaling, but you have to dial in your funnel to make it consistently profitable.

Everyone should do at least one form of organic content marketing…whether it’s a WordPress blog, Youtube channel, podcast, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Build a system of consistent content creation that fits your audience, message, and delivery style.

Youtube and/or podcasts have been the two most popular channels among my private clients.

These methods often start out slow, but they ramp up over time if you’re answering the questions buyers are looking for (when doing your research – pay attention to phrases that illustrate ‘buyer intent’).

Everyone should choose an organic content channel, but this email is about my favorite list building strategies.

I love joint ventures.

This includes things like promotional trades.

For example, you promote someone else’s free Lead Magnet, and they promote yours in exchange.

No money needs to exchange hands.

You will pick up some freebie seekers this way, but you’re at least assured that these are people who read emails (or else they wouldn’t have clicked the link in your partner’s email).

You can also turn this into an affiliate promotion if you and your partner agree. You promote each other’s freebie with an affiliate link so you can get paid on sales.

Of course, you can expand out this strategy further and participate in a free giveaway or a summit.

A giveaway is where a group of publishers all come together and offer valuable gifts in exchange for growing their list.

A summit is where a group of publishers all share content in an interview or webinar type format…getting their message in front of a large audience.

Of course, there is a problem with these types of promotional trades.

You need to already have a list.

There are ways around this if you’re the one setting up the event, but how do you tap into other people’s lists when you’re starting from scratch?

One method is through being a guest on podcasts.

While podcast hosts like you to share your interview through your own channels, most don’t require a specific size audience.

If you target the right podcasts, you can get in front of your ideal buyers.

And if you have a strong hook and provide an entertaining interview, many hosts will endorse you.

They’ll tell their listeners to visit your link…where you have a lead magnet to get the opt-in.

Another beautiful thing about this strategy is you generate a surge of leads when the podcast first airs, but you also create a trickle of ongoing leads for those who listen to back episodes.

And this is a great way to make connections for other types of joint ventures.

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