I have a client who has sold $10,000 workshops in a ‘hobby’ market.

This isn’t a B2B market where that kind of price point and higher is common.

There wasn’t any ‘profit motive’ for the attendees.

Instead, there was another powerful motivator.

It’s a buying trigger that isn’t talked about nearly enough, but it constantly influences buyers’ thinking patterns.

Can you guess what it is?

It’s a hidden element in most high ticket offers.

Luxury goods and loyalty programs both take advantage of this.

When a brand pays big bucks to a famous celebrity to endorse their product, they’re tapping into this.

And once you hear it, you’re going to spot it everywhere…even when it’s at its most subtle.

I’m talking about status.

How do those around you perceive you in the hierarchy?

Even more important…how do you see your own self (identity)?

If you want to sell premium offers, especially in markets outside B2B…

Sell status to affluent clients with a unique point of difference backed up by proof.

I’d recommend reading that sentence several times out loud.

Even better, copy it by hand and keep it with you.

It could change your life.

It includes 4 ingredients in the recipe for higher ticket offers.

And it applies no matter what you’re selling.

In this email I’m just talking about the ‘status’ part of the recipe.

The majority of my clients are in the ‘expert’ business offering books, courses, coaching, workshops, consulting, etc.

If you’re in that type of business too, ask yourself…

How will customers see themselves differently when they complete your program?

How will others perceive your customers when they’re finished with your program?

This is the kind of hidden motivation that people don’t share in surveys, yet it influences the majority of their purchases.

Of course, you don’t come right out and say, “Improve your status.”

That sounds offensive.

How dare you imply they need more status!

Instead, you might tell a story about how a transformation made you look at yourself differently.

You might talk about how those around you took notice of the change.

Your testimonials might mention some of the comments others have shared with them.

I go into more detail on this topic inside the April newsletter of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s about creating higher ticket offers using the “Signature SELL System”.

You’ll see how to sell your courses for more money.

It includes the 7 ingredients that determine the price of what you’re selling.

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It goes to print & mail on April 1st.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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