I’m weird.

My wife would probably say that’s an understatement.

I geek out over great marketing!

Benefit-rich headlines, unique marketing hooks, and open loops all get my attention.

But even I get annoyed at many commercials run by Fortune 500 companies, especially those that have almost zero to do with their actual product.

Imagine the frustration the average Internet user experiences with all the ads they see on websites and in videos online.

According to a survey by Audience Project, 41% of those in the US are using some type of ad blocker.

The percentage is even higher in Europe.

That goes beyond just being annoyed at ads. They’re actively blocking them when possible.

This is one reason why Apple released new privacy features earlier this month that have frustrated Facebook, Google, and advertisers.

Yet, there is a cliché that people hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

Why all the hate?

Let’s clarify the statement a little more.

It’s not that people hate marketing.

They hate bad marketing.

The same survey by Audience Project found a majority of the respondents said online ads were irrelevant to them.

The ads weren’t about what they were interested in.

So, they hate poorly targeted marketing.

Also, let’s be frank.

Most marketing is loose with the truth. It’s full of exaggerations.

We’ve all been burned before.

One of the biggest hurdles when selling online is developing trust.

Making promises isn’t enough. You have to consistently deliver on them. This includes the messages you send consistently.

This is also why I’ve found in split tests that adding more proof and moving it earlier on your websites frequently improves conversion.

It has often been quoted that the average person sees 5,000 ads per day, but that was back in 2007.

While I don’t know of official numbers, it is now estimated we see between 6,000 and 10,000 ads per day.

This is due to all the ‘free’ services online such as Facebook and other social media sites.

Remember, if it’s not obvious what the product is…you’re likely the product being sold to advertisers.

People are tired of being the product.

So, what’s the solution?

Build your own audience.

Communicate with them regularly.

Tell them what you offer isn’t for everyone. Here’s who it is for, and here’s who it’s not for.

Integrate stories and personal connection wherever you can.

In other words, be a real authentic person with a message to share.

Autoresponder Alchemy can help you with finding your HERO messaging.

It’s not for those just looking for a quick buck.

It’s about creating emails consistently and even being a little vulnerable doing it.

Customers are not just numbers. They’re real people with real problems looking for a real connection.

Email is still the #1 tool my clients and I use to make that connection and grow our profits online.

Find out more in Autoresponder Alchemy…

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