If all you talk about are the benefits of your product, you’ll soon run out of things to say.

And it will be next to impossible to tell you apart from the competition.

Why should someone choose you with all the other options already available out there?

That’s a question you need to think about.

But that’s not the question I want you to think about now.

Instead, I want to go one level deeper.

Here’s a question that will help you find your story…

“With all the other solutions already available in your overcrowded marketplace, why did you decide to launch yet another one?”

Maybe you don’t sell a product or service. Instead, you write a blog, publish Youtube videos, or do podcast interviews.

The question still applies. With all the other blogs about natural health, why did you decide to start another one?

Hopefully your answer is something a little bit deeper than, “I wanted a share of all that cash!”

Maybe dollar signs are what got you off your butt and into the game, but there’s probably more to the story than that.

Here’s how this question can help you find your story.

Maybe you started talking about natural health because you suffered with a medical condition and after researching the market, you found an eating plan that helped you recover.

That’s a story to tell. You’re on a mission to help others do the same.

I once helped a client who was a rep for pharmaceutical companies, which means he saw all the things that go on behind the scenes and how many drugs lose their effectiveness for patients over time.

He and many members of his family had suffered from type 2 diabetes. So, he created a product on how to reverse diabetes using natural methods.

Both his personal and professional experiences led him to that mission.

I remember a chiropractor I regularly visited in Indiana.

He had an ad that talked about how he was in pre-med school when he injured his jaw while playing basketball.

His TMJ was agonizing and he tried virtually everything to deal with the pain.

It was a chiropractor who finally helped him.

This caused him to switch directions while in college and become a chiropractor instead.

The answer to the question could even be product specific.

There are hundreds of courses out there about email marketing. So, why did I create yet another one in an overcrowded marketplace?

Email marketing is what set me free from a series of dead-end jobs and I have two decades of experience in it with clients in hundreds of different markets.

At the same time, there are major problems with many of the common solutions out there.

For example, many products hand you a series of templates and tell you to ‘swipe’ them.

That doesn’t work, because you’re just sending email that were written in someone else’s voice.

That can make a few sales but it’s not authentic and everyone ends up sounding the same. We don’t need more parrots.

There are good products which teach the importance of finding your voice and sharing impactful stories, but they’re often too advanced and difficult for someone to get started with.

That’s why I created the ‘modeling’ method I use in Autoresponder Alchemy. I reverse engineered 80 of my own emails and showed how they could be broken down into individual components someone could model and follow along with, almost like paint-by-numbers.

Combine this with the Hero email system I use to find your own voice, and it gives anyone the ability to start writing profitable emails consistently.

As you can see, this simple question can help you find your story or the story behind your product or service.

And Autoresponder Alchemy helps you expand that story into an email sequence that sells more of your products and services…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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