I was a little over $50,000 in debt when I started online.

But my friend Dr. Glenn Livingston was over $700,000 in debt at one point.

And all that debt came from one failed business.

He was a successful psychologist and had done millions of dollars in consulting for Fortune 500 companies…

When all of a sudden…in a moment…he essentially lost everything.

Not only did he lose everything, but it was actually worse than that.

His business was losing over $90,000 a month.

He was depressed.

He gained over 35 pounds.

And for a while he didn’t know what to do.

We’ve known each other for a long time, so I knew the basics of the story.

But recently I interviewed him, and he shared the terrifying details of this experience, how it felt to be in that situation, and how he eventually paid off those debts.

How do you come back from a disaster like that?

It’s not easy.

One of the worst parts is how he felt when he was there. It’s like a heavy weight on your chest. You can’t think clearly.

And you don’t know where to turn.

But as I said, he found a way out.

He built multiple internet businesses after that.

He shares what he did and tips he found along the way to help you overcome virtually any challenge you may face in your life or business.

That’s the biggest obstacle he faced in his career, but he’s had others along the way as well.

Anyone who tells you business is all sunshine, roses, and unicorns simply doesn’t have enough experience yet.

Sometimes life just hauls up and slaps you in the face.

And you have to know how to not only deal with it, but use it to your advantage to go on to even greater heights of success and freedom.

Glenn’s full audio interview is a bonus with the March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club which I’ll be releasing on March 1st.

Join the Club today and you’ll get this issue mailed out to you on the 1st of the month, “What to Do When Everything Seems Hopeless.”

Plus you’ll receive Glenn’s full audio interview in downloadable mp3 format inside the membership area.

Hopefully you’ll never face a situation like Glenn did. But the same techniques he used to control his own thinking and escape that disaster can help you no matter what obstacle you’re facing today…or in the future…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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