I’m going to give you a pearl of wisdom I shared with a coaching client this past week.

Some readers likely won’t understand this email, and I might even get hate mail because they miss the point.

But I’ll bet there are readers who this is going to transform their business, because they’re making this exact same mistake.

This is a quote from an email a coaching client sent to me last week…

“Most, not all, but most lower end customers annoy the heck out of me, but I stay stuck on stupid and keep trying to bring them in our family.”

I’m not going to share this client’s market or who he is selling to, but it is a market that responds heavily to big hyped up promises.

He’s not a hypey guy. He’s an honest, hard-working guy who cares deeply about his members.

Below is one of the concepts I shared with him…

It seems like you’ve been changing your programs to make them ‘more open’ to everyone…but that is likely self-sabotage.

You’re moving away from your higher ticket programs yet those are the ones that make you the happiest… see the most client results…and make you the most money.

Low end customers respond more to hype.

You’re not a hypey person…which is a good thing…but these lower end customers will never respond to you in numbers that makes up for not getting the higher ticket prices from better customers.

Only a limited portion of the overall market is interested in your high-value offer with your personal help.

These are the serious buyers. If only 1 out of 100 people you pay for as a lead is real potential buyer for you, you can’t afford to have low prices.

Let’s say leads cost $5…that’s $500 per customer. If your average transaction is less than that, you lose.

A business with a lot more hype in it might sell 8 out of 100…if they sell a low-cost item under $100 first.

But you can’t play in that market because you won’t hype up enough to get the ‘average person’ to respond.

Here’s the bottom line that’s tough for you to accept.

Those lower end customers you are now trying to help are the ones who respond the most to hype.

They’re looking for the ‘magic’ solution.

That’s why they fail.

The customers you actually want are the smarter, more successful ones already…who don’t believe in magic anymore. Or else they wouldn’t be successful.

This group of high-end clients, your best audience, respond to real promises with personal support behind them.

Those clients are the ones you enjoy working with and those higher ticket offers are also the key to the income you’ve earned online over the years.

The answer here is to quit trying to sell to everyone…and sell only to the cream-of-the-crop.

And the good news is…those are the buyers giving you the testimonials…the ones who have created the fulfillment you’ve had in business…and the ones that made you successful.

Obviously, that’s only one piece of a much larger conversation I had with my client, but hopefully it can help you as well.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in online business is trying to appeal to everyone.

Figure out who you are and who your best buyers are (or will be). Then brand yourself as that. Go after them.

That’s what I teach you to do in Autoresponder Alchemy.

It’s about figuring out your positioning in the marketplace…who you are…and how to attract the right buyers to you.

Create your superhero positioning. Attract hungry buyers. Earn more with simple emails that sell…

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