Listening to popular internet marketing advice can be hazardous to your income.

For example, many gurus will tell you to use the first few emails in a sequence to simply build a relationship. They tell you, “Whatever you do, don’t sell too soon or you’ll turn people off.”

That advice is crazy!

Several of my clients use a short video content piece as their Lead Magnet to get people to subscribe to their email list.

That video gives value…and then transitions new subscribers over to their initial product offer at a great introductory price.

The Lead Magnet is a bridge into the Irresistible Offer.

We’re often seeing between 30% to 50% of our introductory product sales within 24 hours of people joining an email list.

The rest of those sales come during the next week to two weeks where we deliver entertaining content that continually links back to the Irresistible Offer.

If we didn’t make an offer immediately, the income from my clients’ advertising would be cut in half.

This is a BIG deal, because the numbers wouldn’t work anymore.

Yet, telling people not to sell in the first few days of an email sequence is common advice!

Maybe someone had a scenario where this was true. If so, it was probably a high-ticket product which could be tough to offer to a cold audience. But then they turned this unique situation into blanket advice for everyone.

Here’s why you want to sell immediately…

Imagine this scenario.

Someone decides they have a problem with X.

They search the Internet to find a solution to X.

They stumble upon your site…You have great copy that sounds like it is speaking directly to them. They’re excited that this could be the answer, but they’ve been let down many times before.

All they have to do is give you their email…so there is absolutely no risk. They can always unsubscribe later if it’s not for them.

They overcome their reluctance and enter their email and click submit.

You now either deliver the free content you promised immediately or you tell them to go confirm their email address…and then you deliver the content.

Someone is interested in X right this minute. That’s why they came to your site.

You were motivated enough to enter their email address for more information.

They watch your free content.

And now you take all the momentum you’ve built up with this motivated person…and tell them to wait till next week before telling them about your complete solution for X?

That doesn’t even make sense.

You did all that work to grab their attention…build interest…and then you throw it out the window hoping they pay attention to you later.

Several clients don’t even worry about the opt-in anymore. They just go directly for a lower ticket sale. Create buyer’s list instead of a free subscriber list.

A buyer email is worth dramatically more than a free subscriber any day of the week.

The best time to make an Irresistible Offer is immediately.

And then once you have them on your list, whether subscribers or buyers, that’s where the real fun begins.

You can discover exactly how to create emails that sell…run money-on-demand offers to your list…and build long-term profits in your business with my Autoresponder Alchemy course.

It’s more than a course. It includes step-by-step templates you can model to create your own profitable emails.

Soon you too will not only have an autoresponder sequence that turns visitors into income…but you’ll know how to produce emails that separate you from the competition, position you as an authority, and make sales at the same time.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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