I hate giving up!

That attitude of stick-to-itiveness helped me succeed online.

I was so desperate when I started online that it didn’t matter what challenges I faced.

My online business had to work.

There wasn’t any other option left.

If one approach failed, I’d try something else.

If the first offer didn’t work, I’d redo it and run something different the next time.

If you allow yourself to get emotionally heartbroken from each and every failure, it’s tough to make it as an entrepreneur.

But there does come a time you need to admit something isn’t working.

Oh, I’m not talking about giving up on your entrepreneurial dreams.

That would be crazy talk.

I’m talking about simply giving up on an individual project or even an overall market.

In the over two decades I’ve been in online business, I’ve created a few products that didn’t sell.

Usually, this happened because I was so sure of my solution…that I didn’t do my research.

I saw a need…and filled it.

I didn’t survey the potential audience.

I didn’t look at what potential buyers were ALREADY buying in the market.

People don’t buy what they ‘need’. They especially don’t buy what you ‘think’ they need.

They buy what they want.

You have to get in front of a hungry audience.

You may create a product, service, or offer that doesn’t sell.

But it only becomes a big issue if you refuse to give up on that loser!

I had an interesting experience talking with someone who had a product he had paid to license not too long ago.

This webmaster was skilled at search engine optimization.

He owned multiple websites and knew how to generate traffic to them.

Awesome skill.

But he was holding himself back because he wanted to sell his software on all his websites…even though it wasn’t a good fit for the audiences.

When someone has a hammer, they think every problem is a nail.

The obvious solution for his situation was to take advantage of his skill at driving free traffic.

Start out promoting affiliate products that fit those audiences.

Build lists.

Survey those visitors.

Create or find products that fit what they wanted to buy.

But he was determined to sell his software.

I don’t know how this story will turn out, but hopefully he makes the decision to give up on the software.

Knowing when to give up on an audience, project, ad, product, or service could be the key to your success.

The March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about, “What to Do When Everything Seems Hopeless.”

I’ll be talking about the challenges we face as online business owners.

It’s not always easy.

But the rewards are worth it.

I’ll give you the secrets of overcoming the biggest obstacles you face along the way.

And one of those solutions is knowing when to give up on a project…and how to change your focus.

This issue will be sent out on March 1st.

And course you get over 40 of my detailed step-by-step online marketing guides immediately just for trying out the Club…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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