My personal mission is helping Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life Without Compromising on their Values.

You don’t have to live your life based on anyone else’s rules.

One of my current coaching clients quoted that statement in an email to me and added…

You’re accomplishing your mission with me 🙂 I used the sales letter we worked on, earned roughly $30K, and that money is what allows me to take a break from business. I’m living by my own rules and it feels good.
Trader Travis

Of course, that was extra money he earned in addition to the ongoing sales of his continuity and other offers.

I love it when my clients ‘get’ it.

You can build a huge business with dozens of employees if that’s what you want.

Or you can create a very profitable business that supplies more than enough money for you and family to live the lifestyle you choose…while doing things at your own pace.

Running an online business can be a lonely experience.

It’s so easy to get lost in all the minutia. You can be blinded by the day-to-day responsibilities.

Someone experienced on the outside can often spot hidden money, missed opportunities, and easy ways to save time.

You need systems to follow.

But I’d also go further than this.

You need someone in your life who is willing to ask tough questions to help you find your own unique advantages and be the best you can be.

There are many times my clients and I brainstorm the next actions for them to take. It’s not always as easy as just doing 1, 2, and then 3.

Sure, that works at times.

But there are other times where there are multiple possibilities in front of them. I ask questions. We toss ideas back and forth. And we come up with a simple plan of action for them to follow.

That’s one of the reason it’s so important to find someone you resonate with.

Do they speak your ‘language?’

Are you comfortable with their marketing style?

Are they someone you trust to give you advice you can follow?

Think about all the elements that matter to you.

For me, it’s about more than money.

It’s about enjoying the journey.

It’s about giving value to your audience.

And it’s about building something long-term you can be proud of.

And something that gives you the freedom to enjoy life!

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