Infoproducts are my favorite way to earn an ongoing and consistent income online.

Work once and hopefully get paid on it forever.

But there’s a challenge to creating an online course that sells today.

Your potential buyers are overwhelmed with content.

Everywhere they turn is free information from Youtube, podcasts, blogs, and social media.

In addition, they can buy low cost books and courses from Amazon, Udemy, and other marketplaces.

How can you make a dent in an already overcrowded marketplace?

Because let’s face it, at this point it’s not likely you’ll find a profitable market that isn’t already saturated with content.

There’s secret to cutting through the noise.

You need to come up with a BIG IDEA that positions your course as the only possible option for a portion of the buying market.

As a kitchen-table business, you don’t need to ‘take over’ the whole market.

You simply need to carve a niche for yourself.

Your big idea gives your offer an unfair advantage in a sea of me-too competitors.

Here’s one of the questions you should ask yourself…

Why should a buyer choose you over every other available option?

Ask that question BEFORE you create your product.

Perhaps it’s for a specialized subset of the audience. For example, maybe your dating product is specifically for women age 50+.

Or maybe you include templates, scripts, cheat sheets, or other tools the competition doesn’t offer.

It could be your simple step-by-step system instead. You position the information in a way that makes it quicker and easier for the buyer to get results (ease-of-use beats complexity).

Or maybe it’s your background story. You have an attention-grabbing story that inspires your buyers to take action.

And those are just a few ideas.

My most profitable clients are all in ‘saturated’ markets.

On first look you’d say, “There’s no way that market needs another infoproduct.”

But we found the big idea that made it a success!

Don’t create your course until you know your blockbuster hook.

Answer the question of why a subset of buyers should choose you over every other option.

Module 3 of my Internet Lifestyle System goes into this in detail.

It shows you how to find and package your big idea into a bestselling hook.

Follow each of the steps from choosing your niche market to creating big paydays from little mini-launches as often as you want.

Find out full details about the Internet Lifestyle System here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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