Have you ever wondered why you hear so many success stories about the ‘online marketing’ space?

It can give the perception that it is the only place people are earning six figure, seven figure, and up incomes online.

But there are hordes of people earning great incomes in some of the most unexpected niche markets.

Those niche marketers have to be careful sharing too much about their successes.

Otherwise they can soon face an army of copycats.

My friend Dr. Glenn Livingston saw this first-hand back when he was sharing about many of his ‘little’ niche income streams.

He went into over 18 separate niche markets successfully.

But when he shared behind-the-scenes information about these markets, he created his own competition. This raised the cost of clicks on Adwords….making it tougher for everyone to profit.

So, he doesn’t teach much…if any…about marketing now.

Instead, he’s on a mission helping people recover from binge eating, but you won’t see him sharing too many details about that market.

When you find your niche market goldmine, don’t count your money publicly.

There are riches hidden in niches.

I’ve seen it so many times with clients.

Here’s a good way to think about it.

Some of the big markets include money, relationships, beauty, health, fitness, hobbies, etc.

But inside each of those broad markets are much tighter, more focused niches.

For example, stock trading would be categorized as a way to make money, but that’s too general.

Swing trading would be a niche market. And you could get even more specific by talking about swing trading FANG stocks.

Obviously, I’m not recommending that niche unless you’re already a successful trader.

It’s just an example of a niche market.

Choose a niche market where you have value to share and a story to tell.

Maybe your immediate reaction is you can’t think of any value you have to give to others!

You’re simply not looking deep enough.

It can be tough to see the help you can provide to others.

You don’t need to be the ‘world’s premier’ authority on a topic.

You simply need to be able to help people get from a problem to the solution.

Share a simple bridge that carries them over a problem that’s holding them back.

There are people online right now searching for help you can provide.

You just need to know where to look.

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It covers 21 ways to create infoproducts fast.

It shows you how to package your big idea into a bestselling hook.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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