Here’s a common question I get from consultants, coaches, and done-for-you service providers…

Should you show your prices on your website or not?

The answer is it depends.

I show the prices for my one-on-one coaching upfront.

This means everyone who joins the waiting list already knows how much it costs.

No surprises.

I do this for several reasons.

First of all, I personally can’t stand it when someone hides their price and tells you to call them. I can’t remember anything I’ve ever personally purchased that way.

But you shouldn’t base your actions just on your own buying habits.

Showing the price also qualifies the prospect.

If someone can’t afford my rates, why waste their time or mine?

They can join my print newsletter instead.

There are people who ask about coaching, and I send them to my coaching page.

Then after viewing the page, they email me to ask about the rates.

That disqualifies them as a client.

If they can’t find the price on the page, they’re going to annoy me as a client.

Pro tip for anyone who does coaching…

The quality of clients you attract determines how much you enjoy coaching.

If you’re not happy with your business, you need better clients.

I don’t offer free calls, because the majority of my clients are subscribers or have purchased one or more of my products. They already have a decent idea about the systems we’ll cover.

But if you offer free calls to prospective clients, you’ll save time by showing your price on the page.

You could even take it further and add a little checkmark before they can schedule with you. Get them to agree they can afford X and they’ll get started immediately if you decide to work together on the call.

If you’re attracting the right clients, you’ll have an amazing closing rate on the calls.

I’m pretty solidly in the show-your-price camp, because it qualifies the potential client.

Even if you give custom quotes to each client, you could still have a minimum budget requirement or a price list on your site somewhere.

So, when wouldn’t I share the price on the page?

You’ll generate a LOT more calls by hiding the price…especially when attracting cold prospects.

Getting on the phone with your prospects is the best research you could do.

And if you’re attracting the right visitors to the page, you’ll close some of them.

Of course, you’ll waste time with unqualified prospects. One solution is to add an application form before they schedule for their free call to reduce the number of calls.

Then, if you want to scale back the number of calls even further…that’s when you add the price point to the page.

Hide the price to turn the faucet on full blast so you can speak to more prospects.

Turn down the flow of new leads by first adding an application and then adding the price.

I rarely accept new clients, and I’m opening up slots for my coaching program on September 14th.

If you want to get the email notification when those slots are available, join the waiting list here (you’ll see my coaching prices on the page)…

Warning: This is the last time I’m accepting clients at the current price point.

Current clients and those who join in this group will keep the current rates.

Future clients will pay higher prices.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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