I was standing in front of over a hundred people.

It was my first time teaching Internet marketing on stage.

It was nerve racking.

My stomach was in knots.

Several audience members even mentioned to me afterwards how they could see my hands shaking as I started speaking.

How in the world will I make it through 4 hours of this?

Yes, the seminar organizer put me on stage for 4 hours with one break the first time I talked about online marketing in front of a group.

What if I got tongue tied? What if I froze? Or what if they asked questions I couldn’t answer?

All those ideas were running through my head.

Some surveys have suggested people fear public speaking more than death.

It was terrifying, but I survived.

The good news is the fear quickly passed.

Information flowed out of me as I simply shared what I had been doing online.

Sure, I made a few mistakes. I mispronounced a couple of words. I usually still do.

The audience was attentive. They asked questions when I opened the floor for questions. And we had a good time.

When an audience pays to be at an event, they’re there to learn. They’re on your side and they want you to do well.

A lot of people shared how much I had helped them during my time on stage.

At the end, there were over $20,000 in sales of which I kept half.

Not a bad 4 hours, especially for my first time on stage.

It doesn’t matter whether you ever speak on stage or not.

In business, you will have to face your fears.

I don’t know what the next step is for you today.

Maybe you’re nervous about sharing your heart in a message with your list.

Or you’re afraid to give a potential joint venture partner a call.

Or you’re getting ready to launch your first product.

Or you’re getting ready to fire a team member, because they’re not pulling their weight.

You’ve analyzed the decision. You ‘know’ in your heart it’s the right choice, but fear is still there trying to hold you back.

At these points you have to embrace your fears. Even agree with them.

Ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen?

You send out the email message and don’t make any sales. Maybe a few people leave your list.

So what? Everyone has had emails that weren’t winners. A few people left your list last week too.

You call the JV partner. Maybe they ignore you. Or they say No.

You weren’t joint venturing with them yesterday anyway. Nothing changed.

You launch the product. The absolute worst thing that could happen is it doesn’t make any sales.

It didn’t make any sales before you launched it either.

You’re right back where you started. Actually you’re ahead of where you started because you faced the fear and moved forward anyway.

You tested that approach and it didn’t work. What will you test next? You write another email. You make a different offer to another JV partner. You rewrite the headline or change the price for your product sales page.

My emails sometimes seem a ‘little weird’ for the online marketing space.

They’re not all about amazing, outrageous profit hacks that are taking the internet by storm. Sure, I share a few of those.

But THIS is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you live. And this is often what separates the winners from the wannabees.

And these free emails are just here to give you a taste of what I share with my Monthly Mentor Club members.

That’s where I go hard-core with techniques that work today to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

As much as I’d love to tell you that you’ll instantly be a success when you join, that’s just not the case. I can give you the systems. And I can help you with personalized advice and guidance along the way. But you will be the one who chooses to walk the path.

What will you choose this day?


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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