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Julie is upset with Bossk for Carrying a Wookie Head
Over the past weekend my wife and I attended both the Star Wars Celebration V at the Orlando convention center and The Last Tour to Endor at Disneyworld.

This means we were surrounded by stormtroopers, strange aliens, and more jedi than you could possibly imagine.

I don’t know if you know this…but Star Wars fans are wild about Star Wars. We went to a show at Disney they called Indiana Jones and the Lost Jedi which was a mixture of their normal Indiana Jones Stunt Show with Boba Fett, Vader, Stormtroopers, and others mixed in.

The crowd became absolutely insane when George Lucas showed up to watch it.

If that wasn’t enough, they went wild clapping whenever Star Wars music was played!

Of course this got me to thinking about what makes an internet business jedi. Why do some marketers profit for years online…and others fall by the wayside after one or two big launches?

How can you create a business that not only succeeds today…but lasts for years…perhaps even a decade or more?

Why do some develop a fanbase that sticks with them?

Jedi Secret #1: Audience

You’ll notice anyone who has a large fanbase doesn’t cater to everyone. Look at radio personalities for example. They all have those who HATE them. Then there are others who love them.

When picking a market, don’t just think of the entire market. Everyone there isn’t going to buy from you. What you want is to cultivate a specific fan base. Who is the PERFECT customer for you?

How can you design everything in your business to cater to your best customers?

Jedi Secret #2: Personality

This combines in with the previous point. Do you realize that most of the people, movies, and athletes which are popular are extreme?

They’re not middle of the road. They have a message. Or they’re wildly different to stand out in some way. In fact they’re often OPPOSITE of whatever the status quo is.

I’ve seen people go into a new market and immedately grab attention by having the exact opposite message of what everyone else is saying.

What’s your message? How can you share this message in such a way as to stand out from everyone else?

Jedi Secret #3: Quality

While we’re not talking about perfection (if you wait for something to be perfect it will never get out there), you will find that any business successful over the long-term focuses on quality.

Let’s take a company that is a master of quality such as Apple. Notice that NO ONE refers to Apple as low cost. That’s not their goal. Someone may say they’re a good value because they have quality, but they wouldn’t refer to them as low cost compared to the competition.

They go after a premium price. Star Wars products do that as well. So does Disney.

Maybe you should consider focusing on a premium market instead of being the lowest cost option.

Jedi Secret #4: Entertainment

Who makes more money, teachers or entertainers? That’s obvious. It’s the entertainers.

Who develops a strong fan base? Again it’s the entertainers who win.

What’s one of the strongest ways to build relationships, share a message, and entertain at the same time?


Are you telling stories and using metaphors in your content to grow your business? Or are you just a “facts” type person with no excitement and interest?

Jedi Secret #5: Volume of Content

Star Wars has 6 films along with several years of animated TV shows. They have hundreds of books, guides, comic books, graphic novels, and so on.

The volume of content they have is crazy.

Never underestimate your audience’s ability to consume good entertaining content.

This mean it’s likely your audience would be happier with more blog posts, more emails, and more products as long as you can keep the quality level up.

This means you need to develop quick ways of putting content together. This might mean sitting down and writing at the same time each day, shooting webcam videos of yourself, or using voice recognition software to speak and write at the same time.

Or it might mean grabbing private label rights to shortcut some of the content creation process.

The problem is that most PLR content sucks. It is poor quality, something that definitely doesn’t fit #3 above.

The exceptions are few and far between.

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