My wife and I have an annual pass this year to Disney World.

This means we’re going there so much we plan to be tired of it by January when our pass expires.

On our recent visit to Epcot, I was thinking of just how well they’ve mastered sales.

As a passholder I receive a guide each month of what’s going on at the park along with multiple opportunities to buy access to additional events such as their Halloween party, Christmas party, concerts, etc.   While providing “content” in the newsletter you can see the goal is to sell you on the additional events.

During Star Wars weekends we were able to buy special collectibles that were exclusive for passholders.  Did we buy them?  Yes, we did.  They were “exclusive” to us…we were special we could spend money on things others weren’t allowed to.  🙂

Your customers love to feel special.

Now let’s move to the park itself.  Disney isn’t about providing just a theme park.  They provide an experience and memories. 

And their staff is very well trained to respond to customer needs.  In fact, if you have a question, I’ve found there is almost always someone nearby who can help you. 

They refer to all their staff as cast members…not just those in costume.

They’re so well known for how they treat their guests the Disney Institute offers paid training to other companies on the Disney Keys to Quality Service.

Their goal is to exceed their customer’s expectations.

Why talk about their service when talking about sales?  Because it’s an integral point here.  I have never felt any resentment towards their upselling process. 

When you buy your ticket at the front gate, you have multiple opportunities to upgrade your pass…

– More Days at a Discount
– Park Hopper to Visit More Than One Park in a Day
– Add a Water Park
– Make the Additional Days You Were Sold Not Expire

And that’s all from just the first purchase…

Look at what happens once you’re in the park. 

Have you noticed the majority of attraction exits land in a gift shop?

That is not an accident.

And you’ll have the opportunity to buy a photo of you enjoying the ride.

Scattered throughout the park are official photographers to record all your memories as well.  When you buy photos, you’re offered buy 2 and get 1 free specials…and add-ons to the photos such as keychains and other items. 

Since Florida is so hot and you have to stand in so many lines, you should buy a little fan that sprinkles you with water.  Isn’t it convenient these are sold at every shop in the summer?

That’s not to mention how the price of food and drink somehow magically doubles once you walk through the doors…

And if you really love it…you should buy a Vacation Club membership.

Do you get the picture?  Everywhere is another sales opportunity and they’re taking advantage of all of them.

Yet it doesn’t feel like you’re being sold because you’re a guest.  You’re appreciated.  You’re taken care of.   They make the constant effort to overdeliver.

And in case you’re wondering how I know all this…I’ve become a very good customer of theirs. 

How can you start following in Mickey’s footsteps…and earn additional profits in your Internet business?

The key principle to the whole process is the experience they deliver along with the customer service which enpowers it.

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