Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and look at the overall strategies of those who are most successful.

Get off the treadmill of daily techniques for a little while and examine the strategy of your business.

Finding the right answers in your business is almost always the result of finally asking yourself the right questions.

We’ve been told constantly to “move the free line” and give more away, but is that really the best strategy to make sales online? Or do we find the most successful doing something a little different?

Are they constantly teaching everything they know for free to eventually get you to buy something?

Or have they figured out what theyr’e offering from day one…and any content is leading you in a buying direction?

How about we ask the question a little different?

Who gets paid more…teachers or celebrities?

We could turn this into a heavy debate of which is worth more and why teachers should be paid more, but that’s not why I asked the question.

We KNOW who gets paid more. Celebrities get paid dramatically more than teachers.

So since celebrities get paid so much more than teachers…why is it your goal to just become a teacher in your business?

And when you do become a teacher…why complain about the low income you’re earning?

The income was already obvious just by looking at the incomes in the brick-and-mortar world before the internet.

It’s only the illusion we’ve been bombarded with online that has hidden this fact from us.

The most profitable people online act like celebrities not like teachers.

For example, let’s take Gary Vaynerchuk, author of “Crush It,” and one of the most outspoken social media users.

Does he share content on his daily wine show? Yes, but if you just think he shares content you obviously have never seen one of his clips.

He is a passionate personality on his show. And he has described himself as an advocate for wine buyers.

Did you catch that second part? He is an ADVOCATE for people in his market who BUY the products he is talking about.

A lot of bloggers are out there just publishing content piece after content piece, but they’ve never stepped into the right strategy. It’s like getting in your car and driving fast…but you’ve never set the destination.

An advocate is someone who upholds and defends a cause, someone who intercedes on behalf of another.

Who are you an advocate of? What cause have you went after with a passion?

And how does this cause relate to the products and services you’re offering from your website?

I hope you can see this is different than just being a teacher.

What is YOUR message? And can you deliver it in a passionate and entertaining way?

If not, maybe we need to find you a new message.

If you’re not a member of the Monthly Mentor Club, give it a try today. The upcoming issue (available online in a few days and mailed out on Sep 10th) is all about turning yourself into an online celebrity.

It’s about the difference between just offering content and making sales. And it can be your pathway to earning a celebrity income online instead of a teacher income…or like many no income at all.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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