online business opportunties are like shoesI HATE buying shoes.

It’s not just a mild dislike. It’s an actual hatred of buying shoes.

Why? Because stores never seem to have anything that fits.

Sure, now I’ve discovered online sites like Zappos to buy shoes from, but I’d still give any local store less than a 10% chance of having anything that fits well.

I had wide feet. So unless the shoe comes in wide width, you can forget about it. It isn’t going to fit. That meant when I was younger I ended up wearing shoes way too big.

Instead of size 9 wide, I was in a 10 1/2 for example. Shoes that were too long for an already being a clumsy, gangly teenager was not a good idea.

It was uncomfortable. It felt weird. It gave tripping over your own feet a new meaning.

Yet this myth of one-size-fits-all continues to spread in new worlds such as the internet.

Have you seen the majority of the “online business opportunities” available out there? They rely on this MYTH.

In fact, every income claim you’ve ever seen about the Internet relies on this MYTH.

Hey, you can make $125,000 a month just like John here…while they forget to mention John has 12 years of online business experience, a list of 75,000 subscribers, and is a professional copywriter.

It happens in other markets as well. Lose 25 pounds in a month just like Shari…who happens to be a professional fitness model, exercises 2 hours a day, and oh yeah she had liposuction last month also.

If you want to succeed online, you’ve got to get the idea of a packaged business opportunity out of your mind. They don’t exist because they’re based on the one size fits all mentality…a mentality that does work.

You’re a unique person. You have unique skills. You have a unique background.

The purpose of information is just that…it’s information and training to make you better at whatever skill you’re learning.

When I buy a product, I’m not looking for a totally packaged solution which will solve all my problems anymore. I’m looking for a tip, a step, a checklist, or a tool that can improve my current results.

When I first got started online, the complete “answer” was exactly what I was looking for. But I NEVER started moving forward until I overcame that attitude first.

The above statement may be an Ouch to you.

Because it would be so much easier if the myth was true. At least you think it would be easier.

But the reality is even better. Since information products aren’t end-all business opportunities, it really gives you freedom.

Sure, that freedom also means some challenges and growth have to occur. It means you may have to fight for your freedom like people have fought for their countries in the past.

But in the end it gives you the freedom to be you…to grow as a person…and to share your unique purpose and message with the world through the power of the Internet.

I buy many infoproducts. My kindle always has books I haven’t gotten to yet. I have audios on my iPod I listen to when I take the dogs for walk. And I study online training courses with a notebook in hand. But as I mentioned, these are EDUCATIONAL opportunities…not business opportunities.

Writing an article like this can really cut into your sales, because so many people have fallen to this myth. They want the easy answer. But the customers this post will eliminate are the same ones who I couldn’t help…at least not yet. They wouldn’t have been happy with what I could provide them, because they’re not ready for it yet.

And this is fine with me. I’d rather have a smaller portion of customers who get value out of what they buy instead of unhappy customers who only stay a while to go onto the next new thing.

Maybe you’ve been trying on all these business opportunities…and none of them seem to fit you. You’re wearing the wrong pair of shoes like I was.

If you’ve developed the right attitude and you’re ready to take your online business to the next level, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s not one-size-fits-all…and I can’t guarantee you any specific level of income. But it will have tools and techniques which you can use to grow your online business.

Here’s a quick video of this message. Notice Champ, the german shepherd, fishing his ball out of the pool in the background?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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