Don’t make your business any more complicated than it needs to be.

You don’t need 35 steps in your funnel…especially when you’re starting out.

Yes, as your business grows, you may add complexity.

But it doesn’t need to be like that in the beginning.

You need a hungry audience with a problem they’re willing and able to spend money to solve.

Preferably, choose a problem you’ve personally solved for yourself or for others.

That way you have a story to tell and experience to share.

Don’t get hung-up here. I’ve seen way too many people do mental gymnastics trying to figure out all the possibilities on day one.

They end up in Analysis Paralysis and never move forward.

Get started. Once you chosen that problem you can help solve (or a desire people want fulfilled), start writing about it.

I’m not talking about college thesis writing. That sounds terrifying.

No, just write about it like you were writing to a friend. Write like you talk.

Set-up an email list. Start sending emails, even if your only subscriber is your mother (or your dog if even your mother won’t follow you).

What if you don’t have a clear message yet?

That’s OK. You can find your message as you start you start sharing. Look for what makes you passionate. What frustrates you about the market? What do you want to rant about? What force is keeping people from solving this problem?

You can and will refine your message as you practice talking about it.

Put up a simple squeeze page where someone can subscribe to your tips about X. Put together a ‘Lead Magnet’ from some of the best emails you’ve written so far. Update and improve it in the future.

Take the same content you’re writing for emails and publish them your blog. Post it on your social media accounts. Share it on a video you upload to Youtube.

Join Facebook groups and/or Linkedin groups. Start participating and being useful.

Ask your audience what challenges they’re facing to keep the ideas coming.

Put up a little Facebook ad that sends people to your squeeze page.

Monetize your little list by promoting affiliate products.

As your list begins to grow and you see what they respond to, create your own products or offer coaching to increase your income.

Keep publishing.

Collect your best emails so far, and plug them back in as an autoresponder series every new subscriber gets when they join your list.

Improve your lead magnet to do a better job of selling your product or service offer. Create a more-attention grabbing title for it. Update the squeeze page.

Run more ads. Set-up joint venture deals and collaborations with others in your market.

Keep sending emails. Create more products. Add another service offer.

Watch your income grow.

You don’t have to get it perfect in the beginning.

You do have to get it going.

Keep it simple.

Autoresponder Alchemy will help you create profitable emails…whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been doing it for years.

It’s the lynchpin behind the profits I’ve been earning for over two decades…and the thousands of customers and clients I’ve helped as well.

Do this one thing right, and many other pieces start to fall into place.

You’ll get templates you can model to make creating emails easy…plus you’ll get step-by-step training to understand your audience, tap into their language, and make more income no matter what you’re selling.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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