A client recently asked me to help him create a game plan for taking his 500k business to over a million in 2020.

He already has the ‘necessary’ elements in place.

He has multiple products, high ticket offers, continuity programs, and coaching.

He sends out frequent emails and specials.

He knows how to use stories and good copy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise there are so many of the important elements in place.

This is already the type of lifestyle business most dream about.

So, what’s missing to help him get to the next level?

In his business, it is about new lead generation funnels.

Obviously, he has attracted high quality leads over the years or he wouldn’t already be at this level.

But profitable and consistent lead generation has been a sticking point.

Together we came up with a map based on a funnel he already tested.

It has an irresistible Lead Magnet…that is far superior to just about anything else offered in his market.

The Lead Magnet naturally transitions into the first sale…which set-ups the back-end sale and continuity offer.

One of the biggest mistakes even the smartest marketers make is creating a disconnect somewhere in their funnel.

How well do your ads connect with your landing page and your Lead Magnet?

How well does your Lead Magnet sell the first offer? Yes, your first paid offer should become the only obvious choice after prospects go through your Lead Magnet.

And how well does your offer fulfill on its promises while naturally connecting with a higher ticket backend?

His map is about making sure each of these pieces naturally flow from one to the next…with several variations that will be tested along the way (including testing the backend offers).

Along with that, he has 5 traffic sources he will be testing (this is necessary as even the most popular traffic sources are limited in his market).

Will all the traffic sources perform equally?

No. It’s likely one or two of them are going to be the winners based on previous experience. He’ll roll these out for greater exposure and profits while using the others as add-ons.

Is the approach that’s right for everyone at this level in online business?

No. Not even close.

When you’re starting up, it’s about coming up with a hungry buying audience, finding an irresistible front-end offer, and then building out a backend that serves them.

After you already have a lot of the pieces in place, it’s often about cutting back and focusing in on what’s already working best.

Then asking how we can multiply the current success…

The map isn’t the same for everyone.

It’s based on your market, your competitive advantages, and your own personal preferences.

Yes, your desired lifestyle is a factor – often in a major way.

If you’d like to put together a map for your business, no matter where you are in the process, I will be accepting a few new one-on-one clients later this month.

You can find out more about my private coaching and register for the waiting list here to be informed when open slots are available (they go quick):

If private coaching is out of your price range…or you don’t feel you’re ready for it…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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