The title is a play off the book, “Timid Salesman Have Skinny Kids” by Judge Ziglar.

If a salesperson won’t ask for the sale, their children go hungry.

Casper Milquetoast was a comic strip character created in 1924. He was described as someone who speaks softly and gets hit with a big stick.

That sounds like a lot of wannabe entrepreneurs to me.

They want the money and the freedom of an entrepreneur, but they’re not willing to stand out and makes a few waves.

This may come as a surprise to you, but not everyone is going to like you.

Some won’t be happy about your success.

In fact, they may even hate you.

I was talking to a client recently, and he told me why he was dragging his feet about marketing his business more aggressively.

If he went on podcasts and radio stations, some of his extended family might be listening. And they would be even nastier to him than they already were.

Your worst enemies can be the people closest to you.

They can’t take it when you succeed. Why do you ‘deserve’ this when they don’t?

But it’s not about what you deserve.

It’s about the value you’re willing to bring to others.

The more you leverage the value you have to help a larger audience, the more money you make.

And that starts with you being bold about your message.

What myths, mistakes, and misconceptions are there in your industry?

What is no one else talking about that your audience desperately needs to hear?

What makes you so angry you just can’t take it anymore?

Tap into the problems and frustrations of a hungry buying audience. Give a voice to what many of them are already thinking…even if no one else is talking about it.

Be willing to stand out as a unique in your market.

Your peers may not be happy. They’ll ask, “Why can’t you be nice and just go with the flow?”

Some of your audience may even get offended.

For example, I get a few ‘choice’ emails whenever I talk about how over-hyped business opportunities take advantage of people.

It’s safer to just be nice, and not say anything controversial.

But that won’t do anyone any good. Your audience won’t hear the truth. And you won’t cut through all the noise out there today.

Plus, being bold is a whole lot more FUN!

In my Autoresponder Alchemy course, I compare it to becoming a ‘super hero.’

Maybe you’re a mild-mannered nerd in your normal life. I am.

But you can be a super hero to your online audience.

You can attract hungry buyers. Share a message that sets them free. And profit from incredible lifetime customer values.

Not only will your best customers continue to buy from you for years into the future, but they’ll refer others just like themselves.

And that’s just one module of my step-by-step Autoresponder Alchemy course…designed to help you earn more from every email you send…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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