I’ve coached many six-figure+ clients who had dozens of products and complex, confusing funnels.

Even when they were tracking everything, they didn’t know where to maximize the results.

In those situations, my approach is simplicity first.

Which advertising sources are the most profitable right now?

Which product is the most irresistible front-end we can focus on?

How can we create a simple, easy-to-follow upgrade path for those buyers?

Instead of adding more complexity, the correct path is back to simplicity.

We either focus on getting people on a list…and then promoting a specific front-end product to get them to pull out their credit card over the first 30 to 90 days.

Or we go directly for the sale with the most irresistible offer they have available.

We then look for the most logical steps after that first sale.

Attract prospects.

Turn them into buyers.

Fulfill your promises and help them buy more.

Pulling it back to these essentials brings clarity.

It’s not about how many different products or services you sell.

It’s about knowing your buyers…and helping them solve their problems or reach their dreams.

That’s true whether this is your first day in an online business…or you’ve been doing it for over two decades.

It’s easy to be distracted by all the minutia.

Who is your audience?

What do they want to buy?

How can we deliver those benefits at a profit?

What do they want to buy next?

Keep it simple.

Sure, there’s a place for adding complexity…little tweaks all along the way that can improve your overall profits. My clients and I add these in all the time.

But the real secret is knowing your audience and offering them an irresistible offer.

Until you have that…you don’t have squat.

You’ll hear a lot of marketing gurus raving about ninja tricks, “They don’t want you to know.”

I think people get so excited about those tricks because they’re hoping for some magical secret that makes everything OK.

They don’t want to have to get out there and take their shot in the market.

Because the market can be a harsh judge.

Your offer might work out of the gate…or it might not.

You have to put it out there to find out.

It feels safer to hide behind your website putting all kinds of improvements in place. Maybe…just maybe the next one will do the trick.

My attitude is that I want to fail fast…and move on.

If offer A isn’t what customers want, then let’s go back to them and ask a few more questions.

Let’s figure out where we missed it and come up Irresistible Offer B.

Once people start buying, then we can start optimizing everything else.

The money is still in the backend.

But there’s no backend until there is a front-end offer that consistently attracts hungry buyers.

One of the special reports you get inside the Monthly Mentor Club is called “The Proven Step-By-Step Formula For Creating Irresistible Offers.”

You an access it immediately after you join.

Go to the Monthly Mentor Club and click the “Add-to-Cart” button.

Enter your credit card or Paypal information.

Once you’re inside the Club, hit the ‘Report Library’ tab at the top and scroll down to “Irresistible Offers”. Click on it and there you go…

Detailed step-by-step information to help you put together an irresistible offer for your market.

It’s the foundation of everything else you do online.

And it’s ready and waiting for you inside the club. Become a member today…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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