What are your talents?

Everyone has them…even though we often ‘humbly’ refuse to give them any credit.

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame talks about the “Talent Stack”.

That’s a group of talents you combine together to make you stand out in the marketplace.

He uses himself as the example.

He’s not the best artist in the world.

He’s not a business expert.

And while he is a good writer, there are better writers out there.

But he found his niche in producing Dilbert, a funny take on office life with engineers and clueless management.

That collection of ‘superpowers’ has created a fortune estimated at 75 million dollars.

Too many online business owners try to do business at a disadvantage…because they’re simply copying what someone else is doing instead of combining their own superpowers.

There are Youtube channels with tens of millions of subscribers.

The hosts of those shows are good at playing video games (they’re not the best players I’m sure).

They’re good at editing the videos they produce…and ranking them on Youtube.

And they’re funny (entertainment is key).

They’ve turned playing video games and narrating them into multi-million-dollar businesses.

I’ve worked with clients who were fit and in shape.

They were skilled at coaching others.

And they developed good marketing skills.

Those superpowers combined to create very profitable fitness businesses.

What comes naturally to you?

And what talents can you work on and develop further?

Focus on your strengths. Practice them.

Outsource your weaknesses to others.

Are you creating a business that naturally flows with your talents or are you competing at a disadvantage?

This is true in marketing as well.

For example, I enjoy writing. I’m pretty good at it.

I’ve also always loved strategy games…and strategy overall.

And I’m able to help other spots their strengths and weaknesses.

I’ve combined those to create a business where I help other marketers put together their strategy and dominate their markets. It’s why I write a monthly print newsletter and help clients directly.

Find a hungry buying audience.

Combine that audience with your own superpowers.

Team up with others to fill in for your weaknesses.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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