Recently several people commented how they wish they could consistently attract new coaching clients the way I do…without having to speaking to prospects on the phone first.

This breaks all the rules coaches normally use for client generation.

You’re supposed to warm prospects up with some free content.

Then offer them a free call.

Schedule your day around people who may or may not show up for the call.

Get on the phone with them, make sure they’re a good prospect, and eventually reveal the price which you’ve kept hidden till then.

Hopefully you close them on the phone with a hard sales pitch.

That sounds yucky to me…and a waste of time.

I show my prices upfront on my sales page.

I rarely do free calls (once in a while for a referral from a current client).

The majority of clients pay for coaching without ever speaking to me directly. Many never even have an email exchange with me first.

They join when I send an email.

That’s my primary client attraction method.

I consistently communicate with thousands of people at once through email.

But as you probably already know, you can’t just send out whatever kind of email you want.

You need emails that help your ideal clients get to know, like, and trust you.

If you do these emails correctly, they won’t bond you with all your readers.

In fact, there are little nuggets I toss in some of my emails that are specifically designed to turn off the wrong prospects.

That’s why knowing your ideal client and what motivates them is so important.

You want to speak their language.

And you want to do it in a way that highlights a problem you can help them solve.

Part of that is in how you position yourself.

For example, one of the emails I recommend my clients use in the first week of an autoresponder sequence is their origin story.

This not only gives a little background information, but it also gives the WHY behind what you do.

It’s about your mission.

When it is done well, it also illustrates your unique point of difference.

That’s just one of the emails I suggest clients model for their sequences.

There’s a Cheat Sheet in my Autoresponder Alchemy course called “Hero Personality”.

It helps you identify your email ‘brand’ and plug those pieces into your emails.

You need great offers.

But good emails are about more than an individual offer.

It’s about how you position yourself, the language you consistently use, and how you identify with your audience.

It’s about relationship.

These systems can be used to attract more clients with less effort.

It will work for coaches, consultants, copywriters, and any other service business.

Plus, it works for infopreneurs, ecommerce, and affiliates as well.

Build real equity in your business through the relationships you develop with your ideal clients…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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