My last email talked about why I love information products so much.

They’ve earned me millions online over the past 22+ years.

But some people say, “Information products aren’t selling like they used to.”

And guess what?

They’re right.

If you just create an ‘information product’, then you’re probably struggling today.

Because we’re overwhelmed with information.

That’s a core problem in almost every market.

With a few clicks on Google or Youtube, you can find information on almost any topic.

When I talk about information products, I’m not suggesting you just throw more information out there into the ocean of content that’s already available.

Instead, you have to go a little deeper.

We have a glut of information.

But we’re lacking connection.

We’re not sure who we can trust or where we personally fit in.

Dan Kennedy has said that most people spend their entire lives walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands, looking for someplace to plug in.

It’s about creating more than information products.

It’s about creating a ‘movement.’

You have a mission that’s larger than yourself…something that others can get behind.

Harley-Davidson was a great example of this. They’ve been around for 115 years because they never just sold motorcycles.

They sold a feeling. They sold a community. They sold a sense of belonging.

In the information field, Dave Ramsey would be an example of this.

He doesn’t teach any ‘deep financial wisdom.’

What he teaches is pretty simple.

He helps people get out of debt.

He repeats his core message over and over again.

There are better teachers out there (especially when it comes to investing).

But he has a huge following because he’s easy to understand and shares his message with personality and emotion.

It’s a simple, entertaining message.

He also found ways to build a community around the message.

For example, he connected with churches and helped them run Financial Peace groups.

If you’re just putting out information products, you’ve probably seen a decline in the prices you can charge and your overall sales the past few years.

But if you’ve adapted to this market reality, then business is likely booming.

I know because I see the numbers from clients in multiple markets.

It’s not just about delivering information.

It’s also about having a mission that’s bigger than yourself and a community.

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