What if there was a technique you could use to boost your sales and reduce your refunds at the same time?

And what if you could use this secret to connect with continuity members, keep them in your program longer, and increase the overall lifetime value of each customer?

There is a technique that does all that and more.

And once you hear it, you’re going to say, “That’s just too simple.”

Yes, it is simple, but often the simple steps can be the most effective.

Deliver your customer a Quick Win.

Give them some type of “Quick Start” that can help them generate results fast.

This motivates them to continue with the rest of the program.

Without that motivation, it’s not only likely they won’t implement the rest of the program, but they might lose interest with it overall. They might never even finish studying it!

I have several clients who sell in the weight loss market, and that’s a perfect example.

The truth in weight loss is you must have a long-term view.

If you’re going to have lasting results, you need to make lifestyle changes that continue long past after you’ve lost all the weight.

BUT a product has to deliver quick results out of the gate.

If your customer can’t get started easily and lose a few pounds that very first week, the majority are not sticking with you for week two.

They’ve already lost interest and moved on to something else.

Even if you ask your customers to have that long-term view, you’re still going to have much better results with your program if you deliver a Quick Win those first few days of the program.

That same lesson can apply to virtually any market.

How can you deliver a quick win to your customers or members?

My client who teaches Spanish teaches his subscribers some Spanish words that are easy to remember and start using in daily conversation. This is even BEFORE they have spent a penny on his products.

If you teach beginner guitar lessons, you could teach them a very simple song to play.

If you’re selling a course on attracting more customers and clients to your dental practice, you could give them a letter to send out immediately to reactivate previous patients.

This can become even more important with a monthly membership.

If you want members to stick with you months into the future, you want to deliver something that generates results for them as soon as possible.

In the Monthly Mentor Club, one of the instant bonuses is a video to help you find conversion cracks and boost your sales from any of your current websites.

Some of the first questions I ask new one-on-one coaching clients are about their current websites with the goal of helping them multiply conversions immediately.

If a client already has traffic going to their sites, it’s often pretty easy to bump their leads and sales up enough in the first session to more than pay for their coaching.

Is there any way to organize your coaching, consulting, or service to deliver some type of Quick Win to each client?

With an information product, you can often include a “Quick Start” that helps get those results. This may be a short guide or video they can Watch First.

In a membership, you could even ask them to share the results with you. That would give you the opportunity to give them recognition for taking action, and to cement them as a member of the group.

In the September issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I’m talking about Quick Wins.

I’ve written this issue from the viewpoint of how I look at a new client’s business. I take you through some of the questions I ask and exactly what I’m looking for to help deliver that quick win in your business.

I’ve basically sending you my ‘marketing brain in-a-box’ on how to spot opportunities to leverage your current assets to create profits quickly (even if you’re just getting started).

This issue goes out on September 1st. Join now to get this issue mailed out to you as soon as it is available…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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