Here’s a question I received recently from an Autoresponder Alchemy customer.

They were struggling to get their emails opened (edited for clarity)…

I am directing traffic from Youtube ads to my lead magnet (a course). I am having 20% registrations…The big problem is that with the current funnel I am having low openings! 33% first message, 11% second message, and 15% third message. It’s like they’re not qualified people, but I’m not sure that’s the problem.”

And to make things even worse, these numbers were with double opt-in confirmation.

Only 33% of people opening the first message after confirming their email address…with only 11% and 15% for the next two emails is pitiful.

You should be getting a much higher rate even with single opt-in.

He went on to describe that the targeting, the video ad, and the landing page were all focused on an audience that had the desperate problem he solved.

I’m a little suspicious of that 20% opt-in rate from Youtube ads, since we usually have a much higher opt-in rate from Youtube.

But he was likely only counting those who confirmed.

Still, it could mean that while his video may have done a good job of calling out the audience, he didn’t build enough authority to make the sale of entering their email address.

He didn’t build enough proof that his system will work for them.

I checked to make sure his video and his landing page were congruent…that the message was a natural flow. And it was.

So, what’s up with the low open rates?

The first thing you would check is the deliverability.

Make sure you’re using one of the good email providers.

Check to make sure you’re not on any block lists. There are many places you check your deliverability for free online such as

But if his emails weren’t getting delivered, then subscribers shouldn’t have been able to confirm either.

There didn’t appear to be any problem with his deliverability.

They were getting the emails but not opening them!

In this case, the disconnect was the lead magnet.

His subscribers likely felt the lead magnet didn’t fulfill on the promises he made.

He promised them a course, but delivered text on a page.

That doesn’t seem like much of a course to Youtube viewers who like watching video.

In addition, he overwhelmed them with content.

He recommended big changes they needed to make to their lives.

They weren’t ready.

And they immediately tuned him out.

The solution would have been to drip-feed them a video course over several days.

The first video should identify with them by diving deep into the root cause of the problem and introducing one major concept from his system.

Continue from there with the additional videos over the next few days.

Have a link to go to a video sales page under each of these content videos.

That would have made a better connection and left them expecting the next day’s email.

Then, his Autoresponder Alchemy driven emails could create more sales for him consistently.

This is my proven system anyone can use to earn more from every email you send…and it comes with a proven collection of my own million dollar emails.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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