As a child, my first dog was a Pekingese-Poodle…a Peekapoo.

My wife and I have had Germans Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, a Newfoundland, and several mixed dogs.

And something we noticed is how puppies imitate the older dogs.

For example, my little German shepherd puppy learned come, sit, down, and several other basic obedience commands by watching our older Golden Retriever.

Call the Golden and the little GSD puppy came too. Tell the Golden to sit and give him a treat. The puppy modeled him for a treat as well.

Both our Goldens and Shepherds learned the basics within days, mostly by modeling the older dog.

We have a doggie door…and the puppy was falling out the doggie door as soon as he was big enough to follow the Golden through it.

Of course, puppies are not the only ones to learn by modeling.

We do too.

Children model their parents, their siblings, and their friends.

One of the secrets to my online success was modeling successful copywriters.

I was horrible at sales when I started my business.

One of my many dead-end jobs before coming online was selling satellite dishes door-to-door in a mostly Amish neighborhood north of Hagerstown, Indiana.

I sold a grand total of ZERO at my time there.

As you can imagine, I didn’t last long at that job.

If I was going to succeed online, I had to do something.

So I collected proven letters written by top copywriters like Gary Halbert and John Carlton.

And I copied them out by hand.

It wasn’t fun. In fact, it was pretty painful. My hands got cramps copying out those letters that sometimes ran 20+ pages.

But it was worth it.

Because it helped program my brain to write copy.

No one earns anything until something is sold.

Another key component was going through courses where Gary and John explained why they wrote each section the way they did.

My secret weapon over the past 23 years online has been writing emails that have brought in millions of dollars in online profits.

Not just for my business, but for my clients as well…in virtually every market you could imagine.

Modeling is the easiest way to pick-up and practice a new skill.

That’s why I used it as part of the basis behind Autoresponder Alchemy.

You get 80 of my proven emails to model. And I created a step-by-step template for each and every one, explaining why each section is there for maximum effectiveness.

This is the EASY way to start writing profitable emails.

But that’s only the 1st component. You also will discover how to find out the language that will persuade your customers to buy, how to position yourself as an authority, and to find your own unique voice.

Simply put. If you don’t have access to the step-by-step guides inside Autoresponder Alchemy…you’re doing things the HARD way online.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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