Here’s the secret I want to share today…

Anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

I was clueless when I started online.

My only experience with a computer before that time was a Commodore 64 I played old games like the Bard’s Tale on when I was a kid.

I bought a PC…and taught myself to use that thing.

I came online and started hanging out in online forums (Compuserve back in my dinosaur days).

I put together a free report that was just a few pages long and gave it away to people who joined my email list.

I sent out emails. Who knows if I was doing it right? I experimented with headers, pretty graphics, simple emails, and everything in between.

My subject lines for years were simply “Web Gold is here…”


I tried content, stories, personality, etc. in my emails.

I remember one of the first products I created. It was an old VHS set where I showed what I had been doing up to that point to get my websites up and profitable. I recorded it on an old VHS camera with bad lighting. There was even a big bag of packing peanuts in the corner beside my desk on several of the videos.

But people bought that product…and got results.

It wasn’t anywhere near perfect. The audio wasn’t right. The lighting was poor. And I stumbled in my speech, messing up words as I went (still do that regularly today).

I’ve been called a LOT of things after over two decades online. ‘Perfect’ has never been one of them.

Much more important than being perfect is being prolific.

Tenacious would be another good word.

Let’s say you’re considering doing a Facebook Live.

You could buy a bunch of products, try to get your audio perfect, and figure out the perfect time of the day to run it.

OR you could simply run a Facebook Live.

Maybe a couple of people show up? That’s fine. Teach something.

Nobody shows up? So what? Teach something. The video will still be on Facebook and you can use it later for something else.

If you have problems, research those specific problems, and do another one.

Learning from other people’s experience is good.

It’s even better to get out there and swim.

Take a ‘low-risk’ test. Spend $5 on an ad. Shoot a video. Get it online. Record an audio product.

Write an email and send it out to your one subscriber.

Nothing happens till you get in the game.

Once you’re in the game, then you can improve.

And if you’d like to join a community of doers who will come alongside you to help, check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

If you’re just getting started, check out the “Starting From Scratch” report that was written specifically for you.

If you need to create your first product, check out “Create Your Own Highly Profitable Information Product in Just 2 Hours or Less.”

If you need to improve your conversion, check out the audio and report, “Grow Your Customer and Prospect Lists Four to Seven Times Faster.”

But after you do that…after you join the Club…and get started with the information…put it into action.

Create something imperfect.

Get started…even if you don’t have all your ducks in a row (sometimes I wonder where all my ducks went)!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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