Can I let you in on a little secret?

I was a horrible salesperson.

One of my long string of dead-end jobs in my 20’s was selling satellite dishes door-to-door.

My area was just north of Hagerstown, Indiana. I’d drive from house to house in the country and do my pitch for these huge satellite dishes that gave you something like 1,000+ channels.

I quickly learned to avoid the big, gorgeous looking farms because they were often Amish who didn’t have electricity or TVs (it’s funny how neighbors told me the Amish children came to their house to watch TV).

The dogs on this route could be terrifying.

I remember getting out of my car at one house. As I’m walking to the door, this huge rottweiler comes out a doggie door. No fence. He charges right up to me. He stares at me, showing his teeth.

I was like “Woah…good dog?”

He growls.

I take a step back.

He takes a step forward.

I take another step back and he steps forward again. He continues growling.

I continue facing him and slowly move back. He escorts me to my car.

I open the door and get in. He continues to stare. As I back out of the drive and continue down the road, he comes out in the road to stare at me.

Yes, dogs could be scary.

But even more terrifying than the dogs was sitting down with someone to sell them face-to-face.

I think some of them invited me in to talk to them simply because they were lonely. They had no intention of buying, or I was so bad of a salesperson I turned them off completely.

But others were interested.

They asked questions. They considered it. But I couldn’t close them.

I was let go after only a couple of weeks in that job because I sold a grand total of ZERO.

The company gave me minimum wage and showed me the door.


That’s one of the reasons I love online marketing so much.

Sure, customers and clients have bought millions of dollars of products and services from my websites.

And I’ve helped others do the same.

But it comes from a system of attracting, sorting, and disqualifying prospects instead of ‘selling’ them.

At least that’s how it feels.

I publish content that’s specifically designed to attract hungry buyers interested in what I offer.

They join my list and receive ongoing Infotainment and value.

Some disqualify themselves. They unsubscribe from my list.

Others want more. They visit my websites and purchase my products or services.

I rarely even do ‘free consultations’ for my private coaching.

Clients go through the same sifting and sorting process. They get on this list and decide they want to work with me. They join the waiting list for when limited coaching slots are available. When I have openings, I send an email to that list.

Email is the ultimate app online.

When you follow the system I’ve refined over the past two decades, it does the selling for you.

You can find out more about the step-by-step blueprint here…

Maybe you’re a great sales person. Or you could be as poor at it as me. It doesn’t matter. Knowing how to use email is the great equalizer.

Click here now to find out more…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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