Success leaves clues.

Observe and pick up ideas from those who are successful.

But that doesn’t mean you can copy every piece of your favorite guru’s business.

You’re not selling the exact same offer to the same ideal client…and you don’t have all the infrastructure they’ve put in place over years to support that sale.

They have their own brand that matches their personality and their audience.

It’s likely they have their own unique language and tone of voice.

If you copy them, you come off looking like just another directionless follower…instead of claiming the leadership position you need for success online.

Learn from them, but create a business that fits you, your style, and the market you serve.

And just because something is successful doesn’t mean it’s for you personally.

Let’s take live webinars for example.

They can be a great way to connect with an audience and sell medium to high ticket offers.

You can run reciprocal webinar promotions with joint venture partners.

People contact me regularly suggesting this, but I always say No.

Because I don’t like doing live promotional webinars.

I’ve done them. I know how to use them to sell. Clients have used them.

But I don’t want to do them personally.

Life is too short, and there are too many ways to multiply your profits to continue doing things you don’t like doing.

I don’t travel for speaking engagements for the same reason.

I simply don’t want to.

Here’s an issue I’ve run into from time to time with clients.

I suggest a step-by-step plan to grow their business. They agree with it. They’re excited about it.

They don’t implement it.

Something came up. They feel guilty. They commit to it again, and they still don’t do it.

I’ve learned from experience to dig more into the why. Often the problem is there is some piece they didn’t want to do, and they just kept procrastinating it.

By the way, that’s a way your brain tricks you.

You put something off to next week or next month, because you don’t want to do it today.

Maybe ‘future you’ will want to do it.

Nope, ‘future you’ doesn’t want to do it either.

We then adapt the plan, outsource a portion of it, and reorganize in a different direction.

One of things that holds people back today is overwhelm from all the options.

The choices available to us today are amazing!

But not all the options are right for you or your audience.

Whenever you learn from someone else…either by observing them, studying their training, or even coaching with them directly…ask yourself how this applies to you and your business.

Follow the system as they lay it out initially. Then test modifications to see if they work better for you.

Model success. Don’t copy it.

Email marketing is one of the secrets of my success.

In my Autoresponder Alchemy course, I give you 80 template emails to help you create your own.

Copying my emails wouldn’t work. What I show you how to do is model them…use them as guides to help you create your own.

The step-by-step training will show you how to find your own voice…and apply it to all your emails.

You won’t sound like me after you go through the course.

Instead, you’ll sound like the leader you were created to be.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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