Internet marketers brag about the size of their lists.

But it’s NOT the size that counts. It’s who you have on your list and how well they know, like, and trust you.

I’ve seen lists with 100,000+ which struggled to convert…while tiny lists of 1,000 generated tens of thousands in sales.

The money isn’t even in your free subscriber list.

It’s in your buyer lists.

A buyer is a buyer.

The same names pop up again and again when you run offers to your list.

They’ve connected with you and they keep buying.

They’re getting value. They implement and see results. They refer others to you.

A majority of your free email list is never going to purchase from you.

They’re just taking up space.

If there was a foolproof way to know for sure who would never buy, we could save money by deleting them from our lists.

I’ve had people on my list for a couple of years who all of a sudden purchased.

They were opening emails without a response. No replies. No money invested. They were reading and taking it all in.

Then one day the right offer appeared in their mailbox…or something shifted in their life that made them want to move forward.

Consistently share your message. Be yourself.

Speak to your buying audience. Stand up against the ‘villains’ holding them back.

Become a trail guide that leads them down an exciting new path.

Open them up to new possibilities and a new perspective on things.

Quit being normal.

The Internet is crowded today. You have to stand out.

Be the only one who does what you do in the way you do it.

Clients often get nervous when they see their ‘unsubscribe rate’ increase when they run a special offer or they increase their frequency.

But ‘unsubscribes’ are OK.

They’re normal.

In fact, if no one is ever offended by your message, you’re not taking a strong enough position on your topic.

Subscribers unsubscribe.

Buyers buy.

You’re not speaking to everyone.

When you try to communicate with everyone, you end up influencing no one in particular.

And the reality is that in most small businesses…

You only need 1,000 addicted buyers.

More than a decade ago Kevin Kelly wrote an essay called, “1,000 True Fans.”

It was written primarily for musicians, artists, and other performers. They didn’t need to have millions of fans to make a good living. They only needed 1,000 true fans who identified with their message.

This lesson fits Internet Lifestyle businesses as well.

You need 1,000 addicted buyers.

That’s all. They’re your audience. They’re who you’re speaking to. Your message isn’t for the masses.

You can create an amazing 6-figure or 7-figure yearly income from a small audience…when you speak to them in their language.

And that’s what the August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about.

It’s called, “How to Attract Your First 1,000 Addicted Buyers.”

It’s going to print and mail early in the morning on July 31st.

You’ll discover how to claim your niche inside a larger market, speak in ‘code’ to your addicted buyers, become a microcelebrity, create an emotional satisfying extreme for your audience, and onboard your buyers for maximum lifetime income…

And I’ll also share which traffic strategies are most effective for attracting addictive buyers, and share the techniques to get started fast…

Join the Club today and get the August issue mailed out to you. Plus get access to dozens of my special reports and videos designed to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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