One of the things that excites me about coaching clients is seeing the results from their tests.

There is such a limited viewpoint when you only have exposure to one market.

Just because something works in the ‘internet marketing’ niche doesn’t mean it works the exact same way in every other market.

There are a lot of differences between markets.

That’s one of the reasons we test!

When a client sees a big bump in results from something they test, I’m eager to try it out somewhere else.

Will it work the same way…or will we need to apply a little twist to it to get results?

Surprise is part of the journey and the fun!

Here’s a question I’ve seen answered by a few tests…

Should you ‘delay’ an order button on a sales video or not?

You have a sales video. Should there be a button to order under the video when someone lands on the page or should you hide that button until the price is mentioned in the video (which could be 10 minutes or even longer into the video)?

It depends on the visitor.

Tests with cold visitors coming in from paid traffic have pointed to hiding the button until the price is mentioned.

They need to be warmed up first…see the benefits you offer…hear the testimonials…before they’re ready to purchase.

Now let’s flip the audience.

You’re promoting the offer to your own email list. They already know you. Many of them are already sold on you and your credibility.

The video, order button, and the rest of the page should all be visible from the very beginning.

At least that’s what I’ve seen from recent tests. Video only for cold traffic. Everything on the page for warm traffic.

The audience is the most important variable in any test.

That’s also why you should run important tests for at least 7 days even if you have the traffic to get results faster. Your traffic and sales vary by the day of the week. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday may have completely different numbers.

The next variable is the offer.

Another test I’ve seen consistently win for clients is adding a digital and a physical option for an online course.

You can buy the digital only version for $47 or you can get the digital + physical delivery for $67 + shipping.

This test has increased sales each time we’ve tested it. More overall orders come in with a portion of them at the higher price. The prices vary based on the offer and what’s included.

The August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club will share about other tests clients have done over the past year.

Discover how clients have dropped their Facebook cost-per-lead in half.

See the exact ad copy proven to work with a trial offer.

Find out how moving one ‘forgotten’ element of a website to the top of the page boosted conversion more than anything else we tested (and no it wasn’t the headline).

This issue will be mailed out early on August 1st.

Now’s your chance to know how to test, when to test (and when not to), and see which test results have proven most effective this year…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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