How would you like a million dollar education on internet profits…for free?

And it’s as easy as buying a pair of shoes.

This past week I was doing some shopping for new shoes.  As usual, the selection at any local store sucked, because I need wide width.

So it’s time for

They made it so easy to buy shoes.

And if you get the wrong size, which I did at first, Zappos pays for shipping both ways.  You simply print out a label from their website, stick it on the box, and drop it off with UPS.

I ordered the next half size larger, and Zappos immediately sent out the new pair with one day shipping.

That gives you a WOW experience.

Here’s how you turn shoe shopping into a profit breakthrough for you.

Pay attention to your own personal feelings as you’re shopping online, no matter what you’re buying.

How does the site get you to order?

How do they make you feel safe giving them your order?

What does the site do that discourages you from ordering?

Those questions and your answers to them will give you profit breakthroughs for your own site.

None of my current clients sell shoes, but here are some concepts which could apply to any site.

#1 – They made it EASY to search

You can use the search function at the top or you can drill down by department on the left.  You can narrow your options by brand, occasion, color, price, and more.

Glenn Livingston and I have reviewed many ecommerce stores, and they all have a very similar structure to their navigation with multiple options to narrow down what you’re looking for.

 #2 – Free Next Day Shipping

One of the quickest ways to boost your conversion is to offer free shipping.  You can offer it all the time, or you can simply test it as a special limited time offer.

Either way, it will produce more sales for you.  Even if you have to raise your prices to make up for the shipping, you’re likely to end up more profitable overall with free shipping available (test it).

Plus, their shipping is quick.  They ship by the next business day.  And in my case, with a return they shipped the same day I ordered…and sent it out one day mail.  That’s impressive.

#3 – Long Guarantee Period

They have a 365 return guarantee policy.  That gives you more than enough time that you don’t feel rushed.  But they have conditions .  The products must be in the condition you received them and in their original box.

Many of my clients also offer a “conditional” guarantee like this.  If you don’t, you could end up getting back shoes customers wore all year and then returned!   Perhaps you also ask people return your product in the original package, or you may even require them to fulfill conditions such as “using” the product in some way.

#4 – Social Proof

Zappos is using reviews just like Amazon and other ecommerce sites do.  In addition for shoes they have a “fit survey” where they ask users whether the shoes feel true to size.  Basically they’re crowdsourcing customer support by letting users let other customers know if they should try a different size.

How are you integrating testimonials, social media shares, reviews, and any other crowdsourcing opportunities into your campaign?

#5 – They make it EASY to Buy

Every product shows excellent photos.  Often they even have videos demonstrating the product.  And the color, size, and add to cart button is clearly above the fold in a consistent position on the right.

If you’re not ready to buy, you can add it to your favorites to save it for later.

On their shopping cart page, they’re using obvious orange buttons to continue to checkout.  How obvious are your order buttons?

Key Takeaway

These 5 techniques can improve your profits, but hopefully you take away more than just these techniques.

Keep your eyes open.  Watch how others sell to you.  Look for breakthroughs you can test in your own market.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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