“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
Attributed to Pablo Picasso

Your creativity is often beaten out of you by well-meaning family members, friends, and school.

And let’s not get started on most jobs…where you’re just another cog in the machine.

We’re often referred to as a ‘consumers’ by the media and large corporations.

But you’re much more than that.

You’re a creator also.

And that’s where you’ll find your deepest satisfaction.

Consuming creates short-term happiness.

Creating creates long-term fulfillment.

For example, there is a saying that no one likes writing. They like the feeling of having written.

And it is true to a point.

Maybe I’m a weirdo, because I often enjoy the writing.

It’s fun when you’re free to share about something you care about with people who matter.

But the feeling of having written is still so much better.

It’s that sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

You’ve created. You’ve added value. You’ve made a difference.

This is also why speaking with my clients is a joy.

They’re not run-of-the-mill people living an average life.

Instead, they’re creators.

And they’re always creating something new.

Often just speaking with them gets me fired up.

They’re going somewhere. They’re on an adventure!

They’re full of new ideas.

We sort through those ideas and focus them on the best direction right now…and in the future.

What adventure are you on?

How are you helping your hungry buying audience overcome their problems…and see new possibilities?

What are you creating?

The majority of my clients are information publishers and coaches.

This means they’re consistently creating new systems and products.

They’re putting funnels in place to sell these products.

Money is being deposited in their bank account every day.

They’re sorting through and listening to customer feedback to create additional backend sources of income.

They’ve unlocked their creative genius.

They didn’t do this by creating ideas in a vacuum.

They followed simple systems.

They find hungry buyers.

They did their research and created products their audience already wanted to buy.

They followed up systematically with content designed to sort and sift prospects into customers.

They listened to their audience and plugged in additional backend income sources.

And the cycle continues…

They’re always creating…adding new innovations…and experiencing more freedom in their life.

Make a decision today that you’re no longer just a consumer.

You’re a creator.

Experience the Internet Lifestyle…

Make a difference while living a lifestyle of freedom.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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