I recently mentioned in one of my emails about how my products aren’t for everyone.

And that brought up some questions about who they’re not for.

For example, here is one email I received…

The problem I am having is the negative self-talk such as…oh, if I buy this step by step program, how will I know if I will be able to accomplish this? I feel that maybe I will fail but I want so badly to succeed.

You mentioned that the step by step program is not for everyone, what do you mean by this. Is it difficult to comprehend? Will I be able to understand it since I’m not very techy?”

It was a great question which needed an answer.

I responded to it directly and wanted to expand on my answer here.

Negative self-talk is common.

We all face it.

Yes, I’m included.

No, I’m not worried if I can build a business online. I’ve done it long enough that many of the steps are second nature now.

But I faced the exact same self-talk starting out.

And I still face it, at least to a point, whenever doing anything totally new.

When I first started online, I had failed at everything else I tried in business previously.

I failed at door-to-door sales. I’m the exact opposite of a ‘naturally born salesperson.’

I failed at network marketing. I failed at phone sales and direct mail.

I even failed at holding a job multiple times!

Yet, I came online and succeeded. And it didn’t take very long either.

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it.

I was a failure going somewhere to happen! There was no reason why I would have expected to succeed online!

Yet, there was a difference when I came online. I was at the end of my rope. I put in all my energy and was willing to do whatever it took to succeed.

And one of the beauties of the Internet is how you can find where ‘you’ fit.

If you like writing do that. If you’re more comfortable talking to others on audio, do a podcast. If you like video, do that.

You can put systems in place to take advantage of your personal strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

The Internet is a great equalizer.

So, what do I mean when I say my products aren’t for everyone?

It has to do with your commitment level.

Some people are BSO Addicts (Bright Shiny Object Addicts).

They’re not looking to build a long-term business that delivers value to a hungry buying audience.

Instead, they looking for the newest, shiniest ‘easy money’ button.

They’re looking for their next ‘hit.’

If something doesn’t deliver immediate results, they’re off to find the next bright shiny object.

I don’t sell BSOs so the BSO Addicts should go somewhere else.

Is what I teach difficult to understand? Can you do it even if you’re a non-techie?

One of the phrases I like to use is that what I teach is simple to understand, but it’s not always easy to do.

I believe most people of average intelligence or higher would understand the systems I share.

But you must have stick-to-itiveness to see the results.

You will learn new things. You’re going to move out of your comfort zone.

But you can do it one step at a time.

Being an online entrepreneur is about leveraging your time to deliver greater value to a hungry buying audience.

It’s not about getting paid for the hours you put in. In many cases, it’s about applying systems so you can work once and get paid on it for years…possibly forever.

Virtually anyone can follow these systems…but many people don’t have the dedication to do so.

If you’re someone who wants more…you have or want a bigger vision for yourself and those around you…and you’re willing to invest time to see it happen…

Then you’re the person I’m looking for…

Check out the Monthly Mentor Club here.

Join a select community of those who are putting systems in place to deliver value to a hungry buying audience.

Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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