Here’s some Bruce Barton ad copy from 1919…

“From a certain little town in Massachusetts two men went to the Civil War.

Each of them had enjoyed the same educational advantages, and so far as anyone could judge, their prospects for success were equally good.

One man accumulated a fortune. The other spent his last years almost entirely dependent on his children.

He “had hard luck,” the town explained. He “never seemed to catch hold after the war.”

But the other man did not “lose his grip.” He seemed to experience no difficulty in “catching hold” after the war.

The difference in the two men was not a difference of capacity, but a difference in decision.

One man saw the after-the-war tide of expansion, trained himself for executive opportunity, and so swam with the tide. The other man merely drifted.

The history of these two men will be repeated in the lives of hundreds of thousands of men in the next few months.”

In 1975, Martin Conroy swiped the concept from this ad to write a 2-page sales letter that sold over 2 BILLION dollars of the Wall Street Journal.

He told a similar story of two men who graduated from the same company.

One of the men became a manager of a small department while the other became the company president.

Both ads used a story to paint a picture of what was possible.

Each stroke of the brush showed the contrast between failure and success.

It wasn’t about where they came from or what college they attended.

The difference was how they responded to the opportunity in front of them.

Bruce Barton’s ad offered a free book which sold a business course.

Yes, they used Lead Magnets to build lists over 100 years ago.

Martin Conroy sold the Wall Street Journal, which he positioned as a way to gain knowledge which could put them ahead in business.

Instead of mindlessly assaulting you with a big promise, both ads started with a simple story.

Here were two men.

They were similar in every way.

Here’s what made the difference.

You too can gain an unfair advantage in life.

This is what our product could do for you.

Here’s the proof of what our product has done for others.

Then they asked the reader to take action.

It was a simple approach, but wildly effective.

And it still works today.

Tell a story. Paint a picture of what’s possible. Show the contrast. Demonstrate the benefits. Back it up with proof. And get them to take action.

There’s a special report in the Monthly Mentor Club called, “Persuasive Storytelling: Step-By-Step Storytelling System for Attracting Attention, Holding Interest, and Make More Money.”

You can access it immediately after you join. It’s in the Report Library section of the Club.

And this is just one of dozens of reports designed to help you Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life.

Don’t just tell people what you can do for them.

Paint a picture that demonstrates the benefits in action…

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