I’m a smart guy…at least I like to think so.

And you’re a pretty smart cookie too. Or else you wouldn’t be reading my emails.

But those same ‘smarts’ can get in our way, because it’s easy to overthink everything.

As you know, sending out consistent emails is one of the most important things you can do for your online business.

What kind of emails should you send? How often should you send them? Is this content good enough to impress your readers? Which method should you use? How can you make the content totally unique? What should you promote?

All kinds of questions go through your mind. And that’s OK. Everyone has those thoughts.

The problem is when you allow those questions to keep you from getting started.

There’s a popular saying in marketing, “Ready, Fire, Aim.”

Don’t wait till you get it perfect.

Get it moving instead.

You’ll never it ‘perfect’, because that means there is no more room for improvement.

I’ve been improving for 20 years! And hopefully I’ll keep improving for the next 20.

A guru tells you about their advanced funnel which includes a ‘tripwire’ front-end, 3 immediate upsells, a high-ticket backend sold over the phone, and 67 segmented email follow-ups based on exactly what each subscriber opens and clicks all throughout the sequence.

You hear that…and think you’ll never get it ready.

Here’s the truth very few gurus talk about.

I’ve never seen anyone who started out with anything like that.

Choose a hungry buying audience.

Put up a squeeze page with a Lead Magnet gift for when people subscribe to your list.

Start sending emails.

Build the other pieces as you go.

You’ll get feedback from your emails. You’ll see which ones subscribers open and which ones they ignore.

As you promote affiliate products, you’ll see which ones they purchase. When you’re ready to create your own product, you’ll know what your audience is already buying.

Create your first product. Get some sales.

Send more emails.

Add your 1st upsell after someone purchases.

Send more emails.

Keep expanding out your funnel.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Just this past week I was talking to a customer who had an advertising campaign that was almost profitable. All he needed was a few little tweaks, but he gave up on it because he thought everything should be perfect right out of the gate.

Everything in business is an optimization process. You won’t get it perfect immediately. You will optimize and improve along the way.

Continual improvement is what it’s all about.

And it all starts with email.

You can follow the proven email systems my clients and I use to earn more online with my step-by-step Autoresponder Alchemy course.

It will show you how to get started, how to attract hungry buyers, what to email your list, and how to run money-on-demand specials.

In addition, you’ll receive 80 email templates you can model and use as your own. I’ve reverse engineered each email and give you the formula behind each one and why it works so well. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get started…


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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