Are you working too hard to make any real money?

It’s easy to get so busy ‘doing’ your online marketing thing…that you don’t have time to create the core strategy that leads you to success.

You get bogged down in all the minutia and technical details.

You’re too tired to plan.

I love writing and copywriting.

I love helping clients.

And I love looking for all the little ways we can optimize our funnels for success.

Those are all vital to my business.

But where the rubber meets the road…and where you really make a difference in your income is when you take a step back and disconnect.

You look at the big picture.

You give yourself time to think about your audience.

You create an irresistible offer that cuts through all the crap in your marketplace.

You find that core message that resonates with a hungry buying audience.

You put team members in a position where they can shine and use their own ‘superpowers.’

It’s activities like that which can end up being worth $10,000 or more per hour over the long-term.

It’s not the normal day-to-day business activities we all get involved in.

When is the last time you just stopped all the busy work…and took a planning day?

You turned off the phone. You turned off social media. You didn’t look at email.

You set new outrageous goals.

You created a new irresistible offer…perhaps one that’s totally outside your comfort zone.

You made a decision about hiring a new team member and assigning them responsibilities that free you up to focus on your strengths.

I help clients make decisions like these regularly, but I still find myself falling into the daily routine.

You do the same things day-after-day.

They’re working, so why change them?

But you have that ache on the inside of you that you know things could be even better than they are.

You know that a little tweak here and there aren’t going to give you 10x growth.

Instead you sometimes have to ‘break’ a few things that are working so you can recreate them into something totally new.

That’s risky. It’s dangerous. But it’s also some of the most fun you can have in your business!

So that’s my question to you.

Are you just doing the routine…or are you giving yourself a day or even a week where you allow yourself to create a totally new strategy or your business?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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